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Ballantrae Hotel At The West End

6 Grosvenor Crescent, Edinburgh, EH12 5EP, Vương Quốc Anh
+44 333 014 3701

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Ballantrae Hotel At The West End - Edinburgh, Scotland, Vương Quốc Anh
Th 6 30/10
Th 7 31/10
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1,4 km

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Edinburgh Turnhouse

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9,6 km


Th 6 30/10
Th 7 31/10
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  • Ổn
    thg 11 2010

    The room was large and comfortable and the satff were very pleasant and most helpful

    We paid for a cooked breakfast on our first morning but what we were served was completely inedible. It had obviously been cooked at some early hour and left under warming lights. Did not bother for our second morning

  • Tốt
    thg 11 2010

    The serivce was very good

  • Ổn
    thg 11 2010

    woken at midnight by noisy guest who sounded like was put to wrong hotel in taxi reception table at our door was not told on arrival you had to tell night before if one wanted a cooked breakfast did nptget a receipt for part cashpayment

  • Ổn
    thg 11 2010

    Friendliness of staff

    Poor quality (very weak) coffee served at breakfast. Maintenance of services - broken socket outlet plates, non-functioning lights and insecure cables (power and RF) to television in my room.

  • Tốt
    thg 10 2010

    The bedroom we were allocated (room 10) was very pleasant with good views over the gardens. It was very quiet and comfortable with no noise from other guests or traffic.

    We did not need to have our towels changed every day during our four day stay. We felt this was not good for the environment. Perhaps a scheme of putting towels on the floor when they need changing could be implemented?

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  • Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art 0,7 km
  • Edinburgh Castle 1,2 km
  • Princes Street Gardens 1,4 km
  • National Gallery of Scotland 1,4 km
  • Scott Monument 1,6 km
  • National Library Of Scotland 1,6 km

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8,1 Tuyệt hảo (1.528 đánh giá)
0,15 km
7,1 Tốt (3.160 đánh giá)
0,16 km
7,2 Tốt (728 đánh giá)
0,16 km

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7,2 Tốt (1.352 đánh giá)
0,26 km
8,1 Tuyệt hảo (1.528 đánh giá)
0,15 km
7,2 Tốt (652 đánh giá)
0,25 km

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9,6 Tuyệt hảo (1 đánh giá)
0,24 km
9,5 Tuyệt hảo (2 đánh giá)
0,18 km
9,4 Tuyệt hảo (155 đánh giá)
0,28 km
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