What it’s like to work at KAYAK.

Join our team

Our team thrives on collaboration and action. We’re not here to create more red tape or send ideas through a tunnel of approvals – our teams are empowered to act on ideas that will make a difference in how the world travels. Here’s what we hold true:

Stand for travelers.
We champion all travelers by providing more options, more opportunities and more travel experiences.
Make an impact.
Good ideas come from any area of our team – from intern to CEO.
Be bold.
We encourage big and bold thinking. We would rather try something we believe in and fail, than not try at all.
Work how you want.
We give our teams the opportunity to design how, where and even when they work - for some that's WFO, for others it's WFH.
Come here to
Do Good.
Our team gets paid hours to volunteer for organizations and causes that help move the world forward.

What to expect when you apply.

Apply for the role.
Find the role that best fits you – we don’t recommend applying for multiple positions. Freshen up your resume (include a current employee’s name if they referred you) write your cover letter (bonus points if it’s funny) and submit.
Talk with our recruiters.
If we’re interested, a recruiter will reach out to chat with you about the role and your expectations. They’ll be your guide for the rest of the hiring journey.