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Knights Inn Barrie

150 Dunlop Street West, Barrie, ON L4N 1B2, Canada
+1 705 728 1312

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Knights Inn Barrie - Barrie, ON, Canada
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Hotwire 1.594.814₫

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Double bed
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  • Bình thường
    thg 2 2019

    I didn't like anything about the room. The room was extremely substandard. The heater in the room was blantenly slapped together fixed with evestrophing, the staff was rude, the room still had drywall mud on the walls that was unplanted, it has BEDBUGS!. The bed was somewhat broken, the door looked like it had been kicked in, bars on the bathroom windows. The bathroom was split up into to different rooms with a shower stall being in one room and the toilet, sink and the rest was in another. The dresser looked like it came out of the salvation army scratch and dent sale. I had to look at three different rooms before I gave up and just stayed a few hours in the one I was FORCED to choose. I had to leave because I was covered in bites from BEDBUGS to which I have an extremely bad allergy. When I checked out and told them I wanted my money back because of all of the problems the just said "No we have a 1 HOUR POLICY, if you stay in the room for an hour and not say anything we don't give refunds". I have contacted the parent company about the problems I had and still have yet to receive an answer back from them. The hotel is completely misrepresented on the website and where they advertise. I will NEVER IN MY LIFE suggest that anyone stay at ANY KNIGHTS INN EVER! Just as a time frwam about me contacting the parent company of the knights inn... I reported all of this on the 10th of February when my allergy medicine finally started working and here it is the 15th and still nothing from them.

    They could have done everything better as it's a craptastic hole that you never want anyone to stay in. It's filled with hookers, crackheads, subpar rooms I wouldn't let a pig stay in.

  • Kém
    thg 8 2018

    Terrible experience.My room had been open when I backed but the key card stay with me. The staff just said they know nothing. Kept noisy in night time.Someone be killed bt drug too much in the same floor of my room.

  • Bình thường
    thg 3 2018

    accessibility; staff were pleasant

    we left written comment about heating and water issues, with the owners, who are apparently in "renovation" at this time.

  • Bình thường
    thg 11 2017

    Felt like I was at a hostile


    The room I originally got was dirty bed unmade and there were needles and scissors in the stairwell. I went to front office and asked for a different room. The other room had no towels wash clothes to shower with. There were holes in the door and the picture of the wall had broken glass. Very discussed for the price of paying for this room.

  • Bình thường
    thg 2 2017

    Location was great. Close proximity to downtown.

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