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Mingli Hotel

No.7, Ziqiang 3rd Rd., Cao Hùng 80241, Đài Loan
+886 905 660 177

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dựa trên 418 đánh giá
Mingli Hotel - Cao Hùng, Đài Loan
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+886 905 660 177

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Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 1,4 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 9,1


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  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 9 2019

    The room is quite big, new and clean. The hotel is quite location and close to exhibition center. We recommend you to stay here for exhibitor. In front of the hotel, there are several of glossary and minimart both 7-11 and Family mart. Hotel is just 10-15 minutes walk from subway station. Hotel tooth brush is really good. N

    The towel is slightly small and thin. Spare toilet paper is not available in the room.

  • Tốt
    thg 1 2019

    Free underground parking, breakfast included was of a typical 3 star hotel grade but a larger than usual selection of food, served in a very large and spacious dining hall. I went at a not very early 7.30am and there was still seating available. This is the second time I've stayed here and the front desk service as before was friendly and efficient. Spacious room with hard floors, comfortable firm double bed that's NOT two singles combined, topped off with thick warm duvet. A very clean kettle is just the nice touch to finish it off.

    The hallways to the room smell like mildew to the point I almost became nauseous but luckily inside the room itself there is none of that. Unfortunately the windows are small and do not open or tilt. This place seems to always attract foreign tour groups who always have a hard time finding their rooms and being generally loud and roudy whenever they're awake, but luckily this time my room was off to the side (essentially a different wing, B area) and so I did not hear them so much from within my room. These same tourists also do not know how to line up at the breakfast buffet so be prepared to push to get the popular dishes! It seems that only convenient stores are close by when you want a midnight snack. Your favourite fast food joints are all just a bit too far on foot.

  • Tốt
    thg 11 2018

    Very large room space, very comfortable firm bed. The table space stretches a good 5 meters or so giving plenty of space for work or to spread things out. Under the window is also a long bench with a padded section like a section to sit and relax. Not really necessary since you have a bed, but great if you have a few friends just chilling out.

    Sound insulation is quite bad, granted I was trying to rest at 6pm which is kinda unusual, but I could hear the group of tourists shouting in the hallways trying to find their rooms. After telling staff, they did nothing... Check in staff were unorganised. Bathroom is the plastic box style. shower handle hook was broken but they did send someone to fix it.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 1 2018

    Great location

    No parking for motorcycles

  • Tốt
    thg 11 2017

    The location next to thw down town. The room rate is fair enough.

    The room has no window and pretty small.

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Mingli Hotel ở Trung tâm Cao Hùng, Cao Hùng, cách Tháp Lớn 85 vài bước và cách Ái Hà 15 phút đi bộ. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm quầy tiếp tân phục vụ 24 giờ/ngày và thang máy.


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7,7 Tốt

dựa trên 418 đánh giá


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Cao Hùng Kaohsiung 6,2 km
Tainan 38,8 km

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0,03 km
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