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Kensington House Aparthotel

5 Osborne Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 2AA, Vương Quốc Anh
+44 191 281 8175

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Kensington House Aparthotel - Newcastle upon Tyne, England, Vương Quốc Anh
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+44 191 281 8175

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Điểm đánh giá vị trí 9,4


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  • Bình thường
    thg 8 2019

    Location is the only thing the apartments have going for them.

    Absolutely horrendous customer service from the moment we tried to check in until we left. Booked for 4 nights and there is no staff to help you check in. This is not explained at booking or when you confirm, it states reception is 24hr this is not correct. We rang the number advertised no one answered when we tried 4 times. Eventually spoke to someone who sent a person to give us keys this took 30 minutes. When they arrived they didn't give us the key code to get in the main door so we had to ring again several times until we got it. In the apartment, the TV only works on two channels as the aerial isn't working properly. the WIFI is hit and miss (it also only allows one device to connect even though the apartments are set up for business travellers or so they say) once you get it working (this took 4 text messages and 3 calls) as they helpfully don't provide any information in the apartment that would be useful like WIFI access etc. The truly worse part of our stay was that on the last night in the apartment we returned to find the apartment door lock had been changed to a key code pad without our knowledge and without providing us with the code! Our set of keys no longer would work as the key lock had been removed. We called the office number and they said they'd send someone out to help us, this didnt happen and no one arrived. A fellow resident helped us as they knew that the codes to the apartments were all the same!!! The lack of security and safety is shocking plus the fact it was all changed without our knowledge. To top off our stay, an iphone charger was stolen from the bedroom and was not there when we finally were able to get into the apartment. This was 11 pm at night and two female guests with no access to the apartment we had booked and paid for. The lack of security and care for safety is really worrying.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 8 2019

    Spacious, comfortable, clean and conveniently located, with on-site parking

    the telephone system for requesting access codes The wifi password left in the apartment was out of date The kitchen inventory was barely adequate for 2 and wouldn’t have been sufficient for a party of 4 to self-cater

  • Ổn
    thg 8 2019

    Excellent location located just across the road from the metro station. Comfortable beds in a quiet location.

    Since I booked there has been a change of owners which I had not been informed about before my stay and therefore there were lots of changes which I was not advised of in advance. I booked an early check-in however this proved difficult to access - the reception is now closed (except for weekends) and a note on the door gave a mobile number to contact. When I spoke to the member of staff they initially advised they had no record of my payment to access the flat early however another member of staff was just leaving the block and she spoke on my mobile to explain the situation and eventually we were found. Internal doors now also have codes (rather than keys) and I had to phone back again to get instructions how to access. Although it took over 30 mins in total to access our flat I was still charged the early check-in fee. The flat was prepared however there are numerous differences for the worse - eg no complimentary breakfast pack (unless a further payment made), no daily cleaning service (unless a futher payment is made), no sky box on the TV service, less crockery and equipment in the kitchen - indeed one glass had been put away damaged by a v smashed into it; welcome drink no longer includes fresh milk or hot chocolate; less towels than usual. The whole apartment was starting to feel shabby and less clean than on previous visits. Also I understand the car parking now has an additional charge when it used to be included (although I did not use it myself). The nightly charge is still the same as previous so the value for money has certainly dropped due to the additional charges now listed. The Apartments used to be a home-away-from-home and I am sad and dissapointed to say that I certainly will not be staying again. (My daughter has Special Needs requirements which were not met adequately on this visit.) And I will need to find more suitable Apartments for our future visits to Newcastle.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 8 2019

    Good position waylay access good value for money

    Usually reception unmanned but we were lucky as someone was in reception who was very helpful. Recently the ownership changed and now no welcome package or sky tv First apartment we were allocated had wrong bed configuration ie 2nd room single rather than double and had not been cleaned or changed since last guest. The lady in reception was able to change our apartment quickly but was unaware the shower was not working,plumber arrived but shower would have been out of action for hours, the receptionist was able to move us to a third apartment which was fine.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 7 2019

    Clean spacious and high standard.

    Noise from road and heat perhaps a fan could solve both these problems.

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Kensington House Aparthotel ở Jesmond, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, cách Đại học Northumbria và Đại học Newcastle-upon-Tyne 15 phút đi bộ. Có bãi đậu xe tự phục vụ (phụ phí) trong khuôn viên.


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8,7 Tuyệt hảo

based on 418 reviews


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