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Hotel Max

Bezdrevská 549, Praha (Prague), Prague Region, Cộng hoà Séc
+420 281 866 082

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Hotel Max - Praha (Prague), Prague Region, Cộng hoà Séc
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  • Ổn
    thg 9 2019

    + Quiet and peaceful location. Very comfortable beds. Good hotel well-washed bed-clothing (although on almost every element there were some unsightly stains).

    – The rooms look as if they were under renovation. Shabby walls. Poorly cleaned. Bathroom OK, carpet in visible places OK, but in the corners, on the wardrobe, under the upper radiator grille, in the fridge - perennially even disgusting dirt and dust (photo). The bathroom and the whole apartment in general are full of solutions worthy of the world's famous inventors named Pat and Mat: light switches placed in the holes cut out in the door frames, in the spout above the sink a shower is mounted! (splashed floor) A piece of newspaper plugging the hole provided for a regular key lock in the bathroom (no lock at all), over the shower some cables in the strip, the cabin mounted so that when the door is fully open, the entrance to it may be 35 cm wide. The rooms are incredibly cramped in general. Passages next to the beds are locally narrowing to approx. 30 cm. After opening the door to the room, the passage next to the bed is less than 20 cm (photo). The bathroom is also like for dwarfs. There is no small shelf near the sink. TV in the microscopic room. If I wanted to watch a movie on my phone, the picture would be quadruple in area (photo). Finally, an unpleasant, even dangerous surprise: in the 230 V socket was the remainder of the plug from the previous client. Miraculously, the children did not touch it, because it was close to the tragedy. Breakfast served in the hotel is tiny and the service tragic. The girl with features pointing to Asian roots literally made faces after each question asked. When it turned out that we pay with a card, she literally fired. Not better at reception. Smell of cigarettes, because the lady serving the reception in a small hotel spends most of her time smoking more cigarettes. Pictures shown before booking do not reflect what we see upon arrival at all. The hotel is far from the center. The price given (don't know why) in euros was recalculated by hotel using some absurd rate (rounded up much).

  • Bình thường
    thg 8 2019


    no parking and no one talk english

  • Bình thường
    thg 8 2019

    Restaurant opens from 2pm, pool table and outdoor seating available. Food tasty, beer is gpod price. Clothes washing available but you must ask. Nice thai restaurant a few mina walk away, which was a good thing

    Rooms were squashed, carpet worn and dusty. Fan didn't work in toilet. Water pressure changeable when taking a shower. Rooms were tidied everyday then it stopped without warning. Staff barely speak English so you're stuck if you don't speak czech. 40 mins to transfer to centre but we were ok with this.

  • Ổn
    thg 8 2019

    There is a restaurant downstairs/bar but opens from 2pm. Not open on Mondays. There are places to sit in the garden and there is a pool table downstairs

    Space in room very squashed for 5 people. Picture's on website are inaccurate don't give true picture. No space in bathroom, water runs slow or can stop any moment. Lamp shades near every bed but some had no sockets to plug into. See pics. Carpet looked very worn and dated. Didn't like that our rooms were cleaned and beds made every day but they stopped doing that after first 4 days and not told why. Staff don't speak much English so if you don't speak Czech, you will struggle to communicate.

  • Ổn
    thg 6 2019


    Too noisy, i was with my son, not good for family or couples. Just for group of man's, because there is bar for drink. Room too small. staff.... not present at all.

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