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Malfroy Motor Lodge Rotorua - Accommodation And Mineral Pool

51 Malfroy Road, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand
+64 7346 8053

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Malfroy Motor Lodge Rotorua - Accommodation And Mineral Pool - Rotorua, New Zealand
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  • Bình thường
    thg 3 2020

    Central location. Had pool available although this had just been cleaned with chemicals when we arrived so was recommended not to use.

    General cleanliness was not up to standard at all. Bed was very hard and furnishings were chipped and marked. Shower was not straight forward and was partially broken. Fleas were also seen from room floor.

  • Bình thường
    thg 3 2020

    We came here because of the mineral pool that was advertised upon time of booking. When we got there we were told it was not in operation. Had we know this we would have not booked at this place.

  • Kém
    thg 3 2020

    The pressure of the shower

    The whole stay, I booked an apartment studio for the spa bath to be told there is no spa bath in my room. The pool was out and also was told the wifi was out. The room looked like it hadn't been serviced for months. 1 of the coffee mugs still had coffee on it, there was no bath mat or hand towel. The room was dusty and mouldy in places. It appeared that groups of family was living there felt very unsafe the whole trip. Was told upon arrival that they had prowlers hanging around for butts at night time hence the reason ashtrays were hidden away. Milk didn't get replaced went to ask reception for another one to find the office closed from 3pm. Left over soap was left in shower as well as other people's hair. The fridge was making horrible noises the whole time. Someone's dirty filthy tights were left in a bedside table. The list goes on I'll be taking this mater further as I believe they should not be opened for buisness.

  • Kém
    thg 3 2020

    Bed comfy

    Cleanliness of kitchen and bathroom not great, I think the staff working there did the best they could with what they have but overall the place needs a lot of work done. Seemed to have people living in the units permanently and at times it felt unsafe to leave.

  • Kém
    thg 3 2020

    Nothing, very poor, well lack of communication. The property is on a very busy road, parking for 4 cars at a push.

    When we arrived we couldn’t get checked in despite trying several times, going away and grabbing lunch then coming back, tried phoning, left messages, tried emailing, tried shouting and knocking and ringing the bell, all to no avail and leaving us without any accommodation and a pick up to re-arrange. I should have realised there might be an issue when I tried calling the accommodation the day before and the guy told me he couldn’t help as he wasn’t in the office but gave me another number - an answerphone! When I tried calling back a lady answered telling me she spoke no English and put the phone down on me. To be honest when we arrived at the Malfroy Lodge it looked dirty and rundown from the outside. The reception windows were open but the slider door was locked. There were lots of silver award sticker claims posted about all over the place but clearly were from long forgotten times. We managed to to find alternate accommodation outside of Rotorua at the Blue Lake Top 10 holiday park, paid more than what we had budgeted for but were so glad - they were fabulous. We had booked a pick up for a show at the Mitai Maori Village (awesome experience) & the staff at the Blue Lake rearranged our pick up - they couldn’t have been more helpful, especially as we had wasted our day trying to sort it out! Save your money and precious holiday time, DO NOT BOOK HERE.

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dựa trên 489 đánh giá


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Rotorua 7,2 km
Tauranga 52,7 km

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