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Occidental Arenas Blancas

Calle 64 e/ 1ra Ave Y Autopista, Varadero 42200, Cuba
+53 4561 4499

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Occidental Arenas Blancas - Varadero, Cuba
Th 4 25/11
Th 5 26/11
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Th 4 25/11
Th 5 26/11

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  • Bình thường
    thg 6 2019

    The beach is amazing

    Shower Towels: They changed them once in 10 nights. We complained, but they said there are not enough clean towels, so you need to use the same. Beach/pool towels: Same thing, There was supposed to be a place to change them (as in any other hotel) but "its not working" so you need to ask the cleaning lady to change them, but when you do.. there are no clean towels.. Staff: Most of the staff, specially in the buffet with a superb as I did not see elsewhere. They would run over people, respond badly if they were asked for something. The feeling was that they really only did the minimum work possible. One even told me that they just don't like Argentineans... as far as I know, that is discrimination. But if you are not from Argentina as I am, maybe you'll have better luck.. Pool: The edges of the pool were rotten, with mold in most places and incomplete. Standing on the edge of the pool meant running the risk of a foot falling into the drainage channel because of that. In all the restaurants (buffets and specialized) we saw cockroaches walking by the wall and by the food serving tables. Quality of the meals is disastrous, the meat was very hard and full of nerves. You could see the layers of food of the day and the from previous days, more dry than the most recent. The few posts that were not horrible had a line of 10 minutes minimum (like to serve a simple ice cream for example). And you needed to make at least a couple of these lines per meal. Water sports: The hotel was supposed to include a 10-minute sailboat trip, but the sailboat never leaves because it is always busy with a tour they sell (and that seems to be the only thing really important for the hotel)

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 3 2019

    Pools were clean. Location to beaches and walking distance to town was a huge plus! Food was good, I was worried after some reviews but this was not my experience at all. Bars also good. Beaches are beautiful. Chairs and towels always avaialable.

    Timing for breakfast was difficult for us with teenagers. I did get stung by a scorpion at sister resorted we had full access to. It was not their fault as I stepped on it on a set of stairs at night.

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  • Playa de Varadero 313 m
  • Parque Josone 1 km
  • Varadero Golf Club 3,2 km
  • Delfinario 7,6 km
  • Cueva de Ambrosio 9,2 km
  • Reserva Ecológica Varahicacos 10,1 km

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