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Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech

134, Derb Gach Gach, Derb Dabachi, Marrakesh 44000, Morocco (Ma Rốc)
+212 645 860 829

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Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech - Marrakesh, Morocco (Ma Rốc)
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Đáng tiền 9,8
Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 0,7 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 9,9


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  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 10 2019

    Fantastic accommodation. Very comfortable, clean and great facilities with a pool and a rooftop terrace. The location is also perfect, right in the middle of the Medina just off the main square. Michael and Guido were incredible hosts, giving us a full guide on where to go and what to do in the city, they recommended restaurants as well as making bookings for us and arranged taxis whenever needed. Overall this was fantastic accommodation I would recommend to anybody visiting Marrakech.


  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 10 2019

    My third stay at this beautiful Riad. Just a couple of minutes from the main square but so tranquil inside you could be in another world. Wonderful attentive staff and Michael and Guido are exceptional hosts. Breakfast on the terrace is the perfect start to the day and I can highly recommend rounding it off by having dinner there. Best tagine during my entire stay. I shall certainly be back to see their new addition in all it's glory. Can't recommend this place highly enough.

    Not a thing.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 9 2019

    Everything! It is perfection in every detail! The hosts and staff members are amazing!! It is a paradise in the middle of busy Marrakesch!

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 9 2019

    Hosts - absolutely brilliant, they made you feel welcome from the 1st minute you walked in the door. They walked us through a map of Marrakesh and the Medina pointing out the places to see and how to bargain with the locals. They also recommended restaurants to try and what were the best dishes that each one did. The hosts had recently bought the property next door and they took us through it to show us the renovations they were doing. It was quite fascinating to see the amount of detail they were doing to keep it authentic. Food - Breakfast was a treat with fresh made rolls and a different home cooked main each day. We had dinner on the rooftop terrace one night and had a superb experience with local wine and chicken tagine. Riad - we inside was stunning with hand crafted fixtures and fittings. There was a small swimming pool on the main floor that’s perfect for cooling down in. The rooms were spacious and full of handcrafted furniture. Our room had a small sitting area down from the bed that was perfect. Staff - the service is 1st rate and the staff are incredibly responsive to every wish you have. They are all extremely well mannered and always smiling. They speak both French and English as well as Arabic which makes communication easy.

    There were no bad points to this experience at all. If you are looking for an authentic Marrakesh experience then this is a place I would totally recommend.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 9 2019

    The owners. Location and cleanness. Best place for a weekend getaway. The owners are super friendly showing attractions of the city and arranging all your needs. Do not miss a night with a glass of wine on the roof.

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9,9 Tuyệt hảo

dựa trên 434 đánh giá


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Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech - Marrakesh - Toà nhà Tất cả các ảnh (87)
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Riad Les Nuits de Marrakech - Marrakesh - Toà nhà Toà nhà (1)

Địa điểm

Những thắng cảnh phổ biến nhất

  • Souk Zrabi 306 m
  • Jamaa el Fna 0,4 km
  • Dar Si Said Museum 0,4 km
  • Museum of Moroccan Arts 0,5 km
  • Marrakesh Museum 0,5 km
  • Almoravid Koubba 0,5 km

Phương thức giao thông

Marrakesh Menara 5,3 km
Ouarzazate 128 km

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8,3 Tuyệt hảo (238 đánh giá)
0,02 km
9,7 Tuyệt hảo (96 đánh giá)
0,03 km
9,2 Tuyệt hảo (451 đánh giá)
0,03 km

Thấp nhất

8,4 Tuyệt hảo (170 đánh giá)
0,1 km
8,9 Tuyệt hảo (149 đánh giá)
0,1 km
9,3 Tuyệt hảo (47 đánh giá)
0,06 km

Đề xuất nhiều nhất

9,9 Tuyệt hảo (405 đánh giá)
0,08 km
9,7 Tuyệt hảo (96 đánh giá)
0,03 km
9,7 Tuyệt hảo (351 đánh giá)
0,07 km