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Maison Du La Rua

Via Rua Catalana 113, 80133 Naples, Napoli,
+39 081 012 6888

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Maison Du La Rua - Naples, Napoli, Ý
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+39 081 012 6888

Bạn nên biết

Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 1,3 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 8,9
Sân bay gần nhất Naples
Khoảng cách đến sân bay 5,7 km


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  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 10 2019

    The Superior room is large with a small balcony overlooking the front street. The bathroom very small but functional. Breakfast was a selection of sweet cakes and croissants, with a choice of hot drinks made to order, also some fruit juices. The owner was exceptional, answering all our questions and even helping book us taxis for our return trip to the airport. The location is not bad, with easy access to the metro-line and a very nice restaurant ( called Anonymous ) almost next door. It was fine for the 3 days we stayed, The Hall where breakfast is served has a table and enough chairs for all the 3 rooms guests, so we used it in the evening as a meeting point.

    The Economy room our friends had has no outside view ( no windows ). But if you don't mind that, then the room is fine.

  • Tốt
    thg 7 2019

    It was near to two metro station (piazza cavour and museo) to super market and pizzerias

    The receptionist didn't speak English and the breakfast was basically one croissant and a piece of cake.

  • Tốt
    thg 5 2019

    Location is super fab- close to the main squares and museums. About a 20 minute walk to the incredible National Archaeological Museum (worth a visit)! Our room had a balcony, en suite bathroom and breakfast included. Breakfast was toasts, cakes & coffee/juices. Gave sugar- energy to start the day. Our host always asked us if we wanted coffee every morning, which was a nice touch. There is a sizeable fridge in the shared hallway, outside of the rooms for guests use- this was very useful, if you wanted to bring your own foods in, that needed to be kept cool. Doors and building felt very secure and comfortable.

    Our room was very loud, if we opened the balcony doors (as there was no other small window to open). It was quite stuffy at night. When we arrived, the bathroom sink had speckles of red inside it, which might have been blood (we weren't sure)? but it definitely needed a good clean. Shower unit was tiny, no room to move around. Shower door often opened, not able to shut properly. Bed had a hard mattress, so didn't sleep very well. This aspect is personal preference, I might add.

  • Tốt
    thg 12 2018

    Comfortable double bed, small but adequate bathroom, but room has no windows. Okay if travelling alone for a few days, but for two people and a longer stay, not so suitable. Breakfast is adequate. Juice, coffee and croissant. And plates of carb-loaded cakes for those who are so inclined early morning. No ham, cheese or fruit, at least during my stay. Best thing is the trattoria a few doors away called 'anonymous' (strange name!). Great meat, fish and pasta (no pizza) and very good prices. But book in advance if you want a table in the evening.

    There are only three rooms, but the narrow staircase and tiled floors do nothing to keep down the noise. So expect to either wake your neighbors or be woken by them. I counted over 100 TV channels, but not one in anything but italian. Is it too much to expect some international channels these days?

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 10 2018


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B&B Maison Du La Rua ở trung tâm Naples, chỉ cách Lâu đài Nuovo và Cảng Naples 10 phút đi bộ. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm dịch vụ nhận phòng cấp tốc, quầy tiếp tân phục vụ 24 giờ/ngày và nhân viên thông thạo nhiều ngôn ngữ. Xe đưa đón sân bay phục vụ 24 giờ với phụ phí, bên cạnh đó cũng có bãi đậu xe tự phục vụ (phụ phí) trong khuôn viên.


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8,1 Tuyệt hảo

dựa trên 211 đánh giá


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Địa điểm

Những thắng cảnh phổ biến nhất

  • Piazza del Municipio 317 m
  • Castel Nuovo 0,5 km
  • Teatro di San Carlo 0,7 km
  • Chiesa di San Domenico Maggiore 0,7 km
  • Palazzo Reale di Napoli 0,7 km
  • Cappella Sansevero 0,7 km

Phương thức giao thông

Naples 5,7 km
Salerno Costa d'Amalfi 60,7 km
Naples Napoli Montesanto 0,9 km
Naples Napoli Piazza Cavour 1,4 km

Khách sạn gần đây

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8,8 Tuyệt hảo (84 đánh giá)
0,05 km
8,4 Tuyệt hảo (1.039 đánh giá)
0,08 km
7,4 Tốt (3.908 đánh giá)
0,09 km

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8,1 Tuyệt hảo (113 đánh giá)
0,16 km
9,2 Tuyệt hảo (117 đánh giá)
0,15 km
8,3 Tuyệt hảo (365 đánh giá)
0,16 km

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9,7 Tuyệt hảo (214 đánh giá)
0,16 km
9,4 Tuyệt hảo (24 đánh giá)
0,15 km
9,2 Tuyệt hảo (117 đánh giá)
0,15 km