Mayfair New York

Mayfair New York

242 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019, Mỹ
+1 212 586 0300
4.238.074 ₫
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Mayfair New York
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Agoda.com4.238.074 ₫

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Mayfair New York ở Midtown, New York, cách Quảng trường Thời Đại vài bước và cách Broadway 6 phút đi bộ. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm trung tâm dịch vụ văn phòng phục vụ 24 giờ, dịch vụ xe limo/xe đưa đón hạng sang và quầy tiếp tân phục vụ 24 giờ/ngày.

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Th. 4 19/1
Th. 5 20/1
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Double Rooms(4.238.074 ₫)
Double room
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chưa xác định loại giường

4.238.074 ₫/đêm

4.238.074 ₫ tổng cộ

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  • Bar/Lounge
  • Wi-Fi miễn phí
  • Khu vực làm việc
  • Cáp hoặc TV vệ tinh
  • Dịch vụ giặt ủi
  • Máy sấy tóc
  • ATM tại địa điểm
  • Lễ tân 24/24
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  • Lễ tân 24/24

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  • Nhân viên đa ngôn ngữ

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  • Nhà hàng
  • Bar/Lounge

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  • Wi-Fi miễn phí
  • Điều hoà

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  • Cáp hoặc TV vệ tinh

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Tạm đượcDựa trên 211 các đánh giá được xác minh của khách
7,7Cặp đôi
6,8Gia đình
3,7Bạn bè
7,6Một mình

Thời điểm của năm:
Phân loại theo:
Mới hơn hiện trước
3,1 Kém
Ưu:The staff there was friendly.
Khuyết điểm:This is NOT a 3 star hotel. It is very dingy and dirty looking the rooms are way too small and dated. All around it looked like a nightmare. I didn’t want to touch anything. We checked out as soon as we checked in and so did 3 other couples in the short time I was there.
10,0 Tuyệt hảo
Ưu:Tbh, before I came here, I’ve been reading reviews on the hotel and many of them were quiet negative. What I experienced on the first day of my arrival, was totally different from the review I’ve read. The staffs were nice and friendly and very helpful. I got ,room708, a single bed with bathroom for one. The room was tiny, but it was in a perfect size, since it was only me staying there and it was clean. The location is absolutely perfect and safe, 2 blocks from timesquare and many attractions, they are all within a walking distance. Totally recommended this hotel for anyone. :)
Khuyết điểm:Location, staffs, room
6,5 Ổn
Ưu:The location was great. The rates were good for that area. The staff was friendly and helpful. The size of the room was actually decent. WiFi worked well. No problem with hot water or water pressure. Room was clean. Bed was comfortable.
Khuyết điểm:The hotel does not look like it's pictures online.... the hotel is very old and in major need of many repairs. The front door is a double door-- one is completely missing a handle, the other handle is loose. That is your first impression. The lobby ceiling is patched and unpainted. The elevator doors are in need of painting. The carpet on the stairs is frayed. The wallpaper on the walls of the staircase are marked up and dingy. The hallway floors are uneven and dip in spots-- I almost tripped twice. The first room we had had a "vintage" thermostat on the wall that was inoperable. The remote for the AC unit on the wall also did not work. The light shades on the lights over the bed were torn and frayed. The shower did not work-- took my first bath in 40 years. The clock by the bed is about 40 years old and was showing the wrong time-- (I know that is small, but as a matter of principle, guests should not be having to to reset the clocks to the correct time) Electrical outlets looked scary and 'moved' when you went to plug anything in.... After the first night, we must have tripped a fuse in the room, as the TV, clock, and AC unit, would no longer turn on. They quickly moved us to another room. This room faced the street, and while both windows were closed, and each set of windows also had shut glass doors over them, and we were 4 stories up, you could still hear everything happening down on the street. It was so loud all night, that we checked a couple times to be sure the windows were actually closed! There was a PC in the room, but with no connection to the internet. Also-- yet another clock issue-- a clock that was again about 40 years old, was running about 2 hours behind, and the time set button was broken-- so whenever we looked at it, we had to remember to add 2 hours.... The PC's in the lobby business center are running Windows XP.... This has the potential for being an AWESOME hotel-- but in it's current state, it's "quirkiness" isn't cool or interesting.... it's just OLD and not worth it!
9,4 Tuyệt hảo
Ưu:There's no hotel anywhere which has a staff who are more friendly, helpful and courteous. This old lady - ( the hotel, not me - well, I'm old, too) - is well preserved, well cared for, and in a perfect neighborhood for experiencing the "Broadway experience." I'll definitely be back again.
Khuyết điểm:A little note with directions as to how to "work" the sink and shower would have been helpful.....but staff helped with that.
6,5 Ổn
Ưu:Location good all was good except a huge roach in my room and no batteries in remote but I was never there! Its NYC!

Địa điểm

242 West 49th Street, New York, NY 10019

Những nơi gần đây

  • Broadway125 m
  • Quảng trường Thời đại260 m
  • Trung tâm Rockefeller Center0.6 km
  • Bảo tàng Nghệ thuật Hiện đại0.7 km
  • New York Public Library0.9 km
  • Bryant Park1 km
  • Grand Central Terminal1.2 km
  • Empire State Building1.4 km
  • Fifth Avenue1.6 km
  • Frick Collection2 km
  • High Line2.2 km
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art2.8 km

Chính sách

Nhận phòng/Trả phòng

Nhận phòng bất kì lúc nào sau 15:00, trả phòng bất kì lúc nào trước 12:00

Huỷ/trả trước

Chính sách huỷ đặt/trả trước sẽ khác nhau tuỳ loại phòng và nhà cung cấp.

Câu hỏi thường gặp khi đặt phòng tại Mayfair New York

  • Mayfair New York nằm tại 242 West 49th Street ở Midtown, cách trung tâm New York 0,5 km. Broadway là thắng cảnh gần nhất so với Mayfair New York.

  • Giờ nhận phòng là 15:00 và giờ trả phòng là 12:00 tại Mayfair New York.

  • Có, Mayfair New York có đường truyền Wi-Fi miễn phí.

  • Không, Mayfair New York không có bãi đỗ xe miễn phí.

  • Không, Mayfair New York không có dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay miễn phí.

  • Mayfair New York cách New York Skyports SPB một quãng 3,1 km.

  • Không, Mayfair New York không có hồ bơi trong khuôn viên.

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