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Spring Hotel Vulcano

Avda Antonio Dominguez Alfonso 8, 38660 Playa de las Américas, Tenerife, Tây Ban Nha
+34 922 787 740

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Spring Hotel Vulcano - Playa de las Américas, Tenerife, Tây Ban Nha
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+34 922 787 740

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Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 0,5 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 8,5
Sân bay gần nhất Granadilla Tenerife-Sur
Khoảng cách đến sân bay 15,6 km


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  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 10 2019

    This hotel is absolutely beautiful. Glass of cava on arrival to help you start your holiday off. When booked only option was to book half board- does not disappoint, the food was amazing and the staff working in the buffet styled restaurant are fantastic. The rooms are at a very high standard and very modern with lights in the wardrobes, very comfy beds, spacious and even a google home in the room(great for listening to music). Cleaners are very friendly room was spotless every day. Amazing facilities for those with disabilities. High standard for those in wheel chairs and for the elderly. The hotels outside bar/restaurant is also up to high standards with great friendly staff and lovely food. Pool area is stunning.

    I am 24 years old and booked here with my friend for 5 nights. Arranged to check in at 11am due to early morning flight(6am) so was looking forward to getting straight into the hotel room. On arrival was told even though arrangements were agreed to I still wouldn’t be able to check in until 2.30pm(but could leave bags there) was also told that my room would be upgraded due to the inconvenience. The hotel has a roof top (up experience) which is not made clear that YOU CAN NOT USE! Unless booking a room through the up experience! website.( very disappointing as it’s advertised through and it looks amazing. We were told we would have to pay 35 Euro to use this for one day. When asking at reception I was then told it has to be booked a min of 3 days in advance of your stay (in an up experience! Room) also on check in given a piece of paper on opening times of up experience but no mention of extra costs. - despite advertising this over the hotel stating from 35€ a day- ask reception. When complained about this I had to book an appointment with the manager which would be 4 hours later. Also was told my room was not upgraded and was only standard after been told at check in it would be a superior room. Once spoken to the manager was told the up experience is a different business and that we wouldn’t be using these facilities at all. (Only reason we booked the hotel) they did apologise but felt as if it was our own fault for not booking in advance. My advice was to work better with the up experience business and make it aware on all booking websites rather than advertising free use of the facilities. Was told that because it is a busy hotel the boys on reception don’t have time to inform guests about how to book or use the roof top facilities. - the hotel is perfect for the elderly but as a young 24 year old I wouldn’t return until I am a lot older or if I was taking elderly family for a quite relaxing holiday.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 9 2019

    Breakfast was excellent great choices, location was very convenient to all. Room was overlooking a great view of the complex staff were very nice and helpful

    No access to the room fridge unless you paid extra, small gripe on this as most hotels in hot locations provide this in your room rate.

  • Ổn
    thg 9 2019

    The waterfalls. The swimming pool.

    Food was the same every night. Sheets weren’t clean.

  • Tốt
    thg 8 2019

    - The hotel looks really great, especially the lobby. - The rooms are nice too, pretty big and comfy: we had 2 showers, a big bed, a sofa and a 49'' TV. - The restaurant has a wide range of different meals available every breakfast and dinner - we really enjoyed it. - One more cool option was the free shower-room we got after checking out on the last day - we've been able to leave all our stuff at the locker room, go for a swim and then take a shower and prepare for the flight in the evening.

    - The first two days we had a lot of troubles with our key lock on the doors - it basically didn't work at all, neither from the inside not from the outside. We had to spend hours sitting in front of the door room and waiting for another guy with a new battery for the lock although it was not helping every time. The reception gave us a different room for 1 night but on the next day they pushed us out of it (and the old rooms door was still broken). Finally on the third day one of the tech guys just removed the whole electronic key system and gave us a normal key for the door. No one ever sent us any excuse or whatever for the many hours we spent solving this problem. - The dishes in the restaurant from time to time are extremely dirty. - There were lots of cockroaches in the toilet on the 0-th floor (the swimming pool and restaurant level) - ew:/ - The cleaning was really bad sometimes - e.g. they did not give us all the towels, didn't make the bad properly or wash the glasses and so on (I guess it depends on the maid though). - No hotel parking.

  • Ổn
    thg 8 2019

    The hotel location

    The hotel need to Check the Room before New guest come. I have Problem in my WC from the begining and they fix it after 4 days and did Not offer another Room for me. And The wardrobe had his door brocken from the begining and they fixed after I told them. And regarding The Restaurant in hotel i have expecting better and not Expected Expired food like cheese, watermelon or fish. And Regarding UP Option it is really funny.. The hotel management should be ashamed about what they are promoting on the internet pages that the outdoor swimming pool for all did not mention that those who wish to use must be booked in advance and must be at least three days (35 Euro per day per Adult) and not to accompany children ... They say there is alcohol in the bar and this is funny since the pool owner on the ground floor also has a bar and alcohol, although children are allowed to be there.

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Spring Hotel Vulcano ở trung tâm Arona, chỉ cách Bãi biển Las Vistas và Phố Veronicas 15 phút đi bộ. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm máy vi tính, quầy tiếp tân phục vụ 24 giờ/ngày và nhân viên thông thạo nhiều ngôn ngữ.


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Spring Hotel Vulcano - Playa de las Américas - Toà nhà Tất cả các ảnh (58)
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Spring Hotel Vulcano - Playa de las Américas - Toà nhà Toà nhà (1)

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Những thắng cảnh phổ biến nhất

  • Piramide de Arona 270 m
  • Las Vistas Beach 0,8 km
  • Veronicas Strip 0,9 km
  • Playa de Troya 1,2 km
  • Golf Las Americas 1,3 km
  • Magma Art & Congress 1,5 km

Phương thức giao thông

Granadilla Tenerife-Sur 15,6 km
San Sebastián de la Gomera La Gomera 47,6 km

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8,3 Tuyệt hảo (2.817 đánh giá)
0,1 km
8,6 Tuyệt hảo (870 đánh giá)
0,13 km
8,6 Tuyệt hảo (781 đánh giá)
0,13 km

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8 Tuyệt hảo (2.086 đánh giá)
0,22 km
8,3 Tuyệt hảo (2.817 đánh giá)
0,1 km
8,6 Tuyệt hảo (781 đánh giá)
0,13 km

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8,6 Tuyệt hảo (870 đánh giá)
0,13 km
8,6 Tuyệt hảo (781 đánh giá)
0,13 km
8,3 Tuyệt hảo (2.817 đánh giá)
0,1 km