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Tia Mer's Guest House

35 A Nadayao Road, Puerto Princesa 5300, Philippines
+63 484 342 361

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Tia Mer's Guest House - Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines
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Expedia 404.172₫

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Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 23,1 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 8,7
Sân bay gần nhất Puerto Princesa
Khoảng cách đến sân bay 2,7 km


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  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 8 2019

    the staff are very accommodating

    no ref, and tv is still crt.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 7 2019

    They provide airport service without additional cost. :) Communication would have been easier if a cellphone or mobile number was provided. Other than that, it's all good :)

  • Ổn
    thg 5 2019

    They were flexible with us when we needed to change reservation dates Breakfast-basic-egg rice bread/rice bacon and 3in1 coffee-there is a menu but we didn’t seem to get a choice/selection-just what is served to you Apart from the water issue and room cleanliness i feedback below-the property is nice from the outside Hot/cold drinking water available for guests The staff helped us get transport/tricycle down to the city with our bags It is about 400m off main road so very quiet surroundings/area-there are little ‘hut’ shops nearby selling juice/snacks etc Some of the staff are nice and friendly and helpful but I think English is limited and at times no one was around to help

    **GUEST WARNING/NEED TO KNOW!! - water availability is extremely limited here!! When we stayed here in April anyway. Apparently this is a political thing in the area but we are not certain? Either way Guests should 100% know this BEFORE booking/arriving - not just be told on arrival-that there is no water in the rooms for half the day-EVERY DAY First 4 days-no water available in room at all between hours of 12am to 12pm (you get provided a bucket of water outside your room that you use to flush toilet, wash hands etc (have a wash from bucket if you want/have to) On our final day/night-we had no water from shower, sink or toilet whatsoever for the full day/night. Apparently it was a pressure issue. The only water we had was from the foot wash tap so basically we had to fill/the toilet, wash our hands, brush teeth, have a wash all from the water in the bucket. Could not shower. It was not hygienic. Other issues for us-We stayed in 2 different rooms during our stay-both times there was clumps of hair in the shower drain (not ours!), Our first room the shower head was not secure so did not stay up you had to just hold it over your body. Second room no water from shower at all so could not shower. toothpaste splatter stains on mirror not wiped, no toiletries provided (despite description), in our last room we did not even have a toilet seat-just a bare cistern. Then to top it off the curtain rail in room was only hanging on not secured properly and fell down I want to be fair and objective as possible when writing reviews as I know most properties are independent businesses and work hard to attract guests and provide a service. I don’t like writing negative reviews and tend to more so write about the positives if the negatives are minor I miss them out in a review normally or feed back in a constructive way. But unfortunately we felt this property was way overpriced for what we got.

  • Tốt
    thg 4 2019

    We enjoyed our stay, we have a free breakfast and we love quiet and remote location away from the noisy streets. And we decided to book again. Great value for money

    Transport is a little bit hard when you want to go somewhere or in the city center.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 3 2019

    My big bed , plus air con and fan in my room.

    Had a hard time for tricycle, but it was okay.

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Tia Mer's Guest House ở Trung tâm thành phố Puerto Princesa, Puerto Princesa, cách Vịnh Honda và Robinsons Place Palawan (Trung tâm thương mại) 10 phút lái xe. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm dịch vụ giặt ủi/giặt khô và dịch vụ trông giữ/bảo quản hành lý. Xe đưa đón sân bay phục vụ miễn phí theo yêu cầu.


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8,3 Tuyệt hảo

dựa trên 84 đánh giá


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Địa điểm

Những thắng cảnh phổ biến nhất

  • Robinsons Place Palawan 1,9 km
  • San Jose New Market 2,4 km
  • Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park 48,9 km
  • Sabang Boat Terminal 51,1 km
  • Tubbataha Reef 163,4 km

Phương thức giao thông

Puerto Princesa 2,7 km

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7 Tốt (13 đánh giá)
0,43 km
8 Tuyệt hảo (273 đánh giá)
0,52 km
8 Tuyệt hảo (537 đánh giá)
0,55 km

Thấp nhất

7,4 Tốt (5 đánh giá)
1,46 km
4 Ổn (1 đánh giá)
1,04 km
7,4 Tốt (257 đánh giá)
1,22 km

Đề xuất nhiều nhất

8,9 Tuyệt hảo (43 đánh giá)
1,42 km
8,8 Tuyệt hảo (2.375 đánh giá)
0,68 km
8,7 Tuyệt hảo (181 đánh giá)
1,44 km