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Gialel B&b

Via Romagna 14, 00187 Rome, ,
+39 064 281 4371

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Gialel B&b - Rome, Ý
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Priceline 892.105₫
Expedia 1.017.828₫ 1.140.542₫

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Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 0,2 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 8,9
Sân bay gần nhất Rome Fiumicino
Khoảng cách đến sân bay 23,8 km


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1.017.828₫ mỗi đêm
Không xác định
1.140.542₫ mỗi đêm
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1.680.713₫ mỗi đêm
Không xác định
892.105₫ mỗi đêm

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  • Bình thường
    thg 9 2019

    Location was near the place we needed to be. Room service was nice.

    For management: We were very disappointed by our stay. Six weeks ago, we were offered someone to come get us at the airport and they did not come. They told us to take a taxi. We were scammed by a unlicensed “fake” taxi driver because they did not show up or properly communicate with us on time. We were not offered any compensation for this issue. The hostel person who checked us in basically shrugged it off. The room: The room you will stay in resembles the pictures on the website, but aged 10 years. There were bugs in the bathroom. Staff was hardly present. The pictures on the website did not match the true description of what was offered on the website. I would not recommend this hostel, even for the price. Spend a few extra euros for a nicer place, or find an airbnb. The pictures we most likely taken years ago. The place is dingy and dark, not bright like the photos. There is no breakfast. I wouldn’t recommend this place to a family member or friend. The city: Please be aware of scammers left and right. Read up on pick pockets, scam artists, beggars, and taxi drivers. Do not accept any “free help”, as they will ask you for compensation. Anyone will say anything to get some money from you, including a nice storyline of whatever you want to hear. Please read up on a Rick Steeves book, or Reddit forum before you travel. Other than the historical sites, the city is in disrepair, unorganized, loud, and dirty. The only good thing we experienced from this city was the food.

  • Tốt
    thg 7 2019

    Location is good, friendly nice stuff. Clean room. Generally, good value for this price I guess.

    There should be a minibar and tea/coffee maker according to listed facilities but there was no such. WiFi was terrible. Too much noise from the streets at night (we couldn’t close the window not to suffocate as it was too hot) Breakfast is not cancellable :(

  • Tốt
    thg 7 2019

    Good location Good value Easy access

    Elevator to small stuck on floors because users didn’t close doors To hot fans going all night If you opened balcony doors to noisy No airflow throughout the building

  • Tốt
    thg 7 2019

    Great location, friendly and helpful staff, big room. Overall highly recommended!

    The beds were a little bit uncomfortable.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 6 2019

    Our room was spacious with a fridge and comfortable beds. Franco let us have a kettle to make tea in the morning (we're English). Stephano was communicative. Alessandro and umberto were very friendly and helpful. The breakfast was very good value at two euros for a lovely coffee and croissant at the local bar. The location was very good for seeing the sights of Rome.

    The only negative thing that I can say is that I was not aware that the reception is only manned up to 8pm at night although apparently it is mentioned, and there is a thirty euro charge for late check-in. Because of bad mobile connection in the area my texts did not get through to Franco and we waited nearly an hour for him to come and let us in at 11pm.

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Gialel B&B ở trung tâm Rome, chỉ cách Via XX Settembre 4 phút đi bộ và cách Via Veneto 6 phút đi bộ. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm nhân viên thông thạo nhiều ngôn ngữ, dịch vụ trông giữ/bảo quản hành lý và trang thiết bị giặt ủi. Xe đưa đón sân bay phục vụ 24 giờ với phụ phí.


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7,2 Tốt

dựa trên 306 đánh giá


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