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La fontana motel

135 Grant Avenue, Seaside Heights, NJ 08751, Mỹ
+1 732 793 5511

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dựa trên 235 đánh giá
La fontana motel - Seaside Heights, NJ, Mỹ
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Nhà cung cấp Tổng giá mỗi đêm 2.365.420₫
KAYAK 3.336.796₫
Priceline 4.647.045₫

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Khoảng cách đến trung tâm thành phố 0,3 km
Điểm đánh giá vị trí 8,2


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Double bed
2.365.420₫ mỗi đêm
Double bed
3.336.796₫ mỗi đêm
Double bed
4.647.045₫ mỗi đêm

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  • Tốt
    thg 10 2019

    Great location.

    Needs some TLC and there was no lighting for the stairway where pur room was located. Didnt feel too safe.

  • Ổn
    thg 9 2019

    close to boardwalk & had a pool

    dirty. smashed tv. very very small.

  • Ổn
    thg 9 2019

    The 2 ladys were very nice. Although thought it was weird how they acted when the 1 girl picked out a room key. They gave each other a smirk. It was just odd. But then later my husband said someone was shot in the hallway next to or room not that long ago there. Was in a news article for local news. A cop vest cam was showed. A guy who stayed there possibly in our room or 1 next to us, was wanted by police and in the video you hear the cop say something about a gun. Then you hear shots. So that explains the odd behavior from the 2 girls. I would like to have known if someone got shot in my room or by my room just recently. Sorry to say the only thing I liked was the 2 girls.

    Our room was in a secret upstairs hallway. We had no curtains or blinds on either windows in room and none in bathroom. The mirror was set on the floor. Filthy. Mold in the fridge. No extra toliet paper. Had to ask for a light bulb. Wish we knew our neighbor had a loud barking dog, we had no peace. That dog barked all day and late at night. Room smelled funny. No garbage can. TV very fuzzy. Had private door to back balcony but the lock was messed up and loose handle. Kept the chain locked on. Door was hard to shut close. No shower head. No hotel soap or shampoos. Someone before us left a soap in the shower used. So I doubt they even cleaned the tub. YUCK! They also for some reason had no paperwork on file for our reservation but thankfully I screenshoted my confirmation on here and showed them. They had 2 very odd creepy men walking around. I THINK they might be maintenance help. But they were talking to the 1 lady at the desk about smoking pot, and getting high. I've stayed there once before, although it was a bit dirty it wasn't as bad as room 17. I took pix of my room. It was horrible. We used the mirror that was sitting on floor, to block the 1 window. Used the sheet from the other bed to block the other 1. And used a towel to cover bathroom window. We had to share a towel

  • Ổn
    thg 9 2019

    Not a whole lot.

    Rodent droppings in sink and on bath towels, stained sheets, stained curtains, multiple half used bars of soap in bathroom, carpets discusting, holes in walls; many more bad, too much to list. Employees smoking weed right in front of office door. Had to find other place for second night as my son is asthmatic and the air quality was putrid. No refunds given.

  • Tốt
    thg 9 2019

    Close walk to the beach. Staff was very nice and friendly.

    The owners could put a little more effort into upkeep. I get its a Jersey Shore motel but a working air conditioner would be nice. The first room didn't have a working ac. The second room was just a no. She said she had a room to clean and showed us that. Finally a working tv and ac. The room was clean and what I excepted from a Jersey motel.

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La Fontana Motel ở trung tâm Seaside Heights, cách Bãi biển Seaside Heights và Bãi biển Ortley 5 phút lái xe. Có nhiều dịch vụ, tiện ích dành cho khách, bao gồm quầy tiếp tân phục vụ 24 giờ/ngày và thang máy. Có bãi đậu xe tự phục vụ miễn phí trong khuôn viên.


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dựa trên 235 đánh giá


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La fontana motel - Seaside Heights - Phòng tắm Tất cả các ảnh (2)
La fontana motel - Seaside Heights - Phòng tắm Phòng tắm (2)

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