Neptune Park Inn

Neptune Park Inn

3108 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, Mỹ
+1 757 425 7730
1.621.793 ₫
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Neptune Park Inn
CN 17/10
Th. 2 18/10
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KAYAK1.621.793 ₫
Hotels.com1.621.793 ₫
Expedia1.622.928 ₫

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CN 17/10
Th. 2 18/10
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King Rooms(1.621.793 ₫ - 5.752.100 ₫)
King room
chưa xác định loại giường
chưa xác định loại giường

1.621.793 ₫/đêm

1.621.793 ₫ tổng cộngKAYAK
chưa xác định loại giường
chưa xác định loại giường

1.621.793 ₫/đêm

1.621.793 ₫ tổng cộ
chưa xác định loại giường
chưa xác định loại giường

1.622.928 ₫/đêm

1.622.928 ₫ tổng cộngExpedia
Standard Rooms(1.921.226 ₫ - 4.249.035 ₫)
Standard room
chưa xác định loại giường
chưa xác định loại giường

1.921.226 ₫/đêm

1.921.226 ₫ tổng cộ
chưa xác định loại giường
chưa xác định loại giường

2.046.084 ₫/đêm

2.046.084 ₫ tổng cộngPriceline
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chưa xác định loại giường

2.106.016 ₫/đêm

2.106.016 ₫ tổng cộ

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Chấp nhận đượcDựa trên 25 các đánh giá được xác minh của khách
5,1Một mình
5,1Bạn bè
5,5Gia đình
4,4Cặp đôi

Thời điểm của năm:
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2,5 Tệ
Ưu:close to thebeach

Khuyết điểm:the bathroom was big but the sink was tiny with the mirror inclining to accommodate handicap (wheelchair), no place to put your cosmetics like toothpaste and so on. carpet was sticky, No chair in the room (they said it was standard to NOT have a chair). Looks like they painted the room while the curtains were hanging still. Headrest was not attached to anything, wall or bed. not to mention there was no Ice bucket and coffeemaker but not coffee grinds. Oh and we booked while the still had breakfast apparently, but they must have stopped this. I knew it was not 4 stars but come on!

8,0 Tuyệt vời
Ưu:Easy to get to beech, rooftop pool

Khuyết điểm:When time to checkout someone banged on the door 3 times yelling time to check out at 11:00.. 3 times between 10:00 -10:45..

8,8 Tuyệt vời
Ưu:The Staff was very friendly from the concierge to the maintenance staff. We checked in a little early but the lady wasn't completely done with our room. She let us stash our stuff in the room so we could go run around while we waited for her to be done and she was very nice to us. We ventured up to the roof where the pool is at night and the view was amazing.

Khuyết điểm:The only thing is their doors to the rooms were very sketchy and sometimes hard to open, they were sticking closed and there was a gap where it seemed like it had been broken down or something. We made sure to deadbolt it before we went to sleep that night. Other wise a good place to stay.

2,0 Tệ

Khuyết điểm:Filthy. Stayed for 10 minutes and checked out immediately. Disgusting broken down creepy place.

4,0 Tầm thường
Ưu:The only thing that we enjoyed was the location of the hotel. The ocean was visible from the room and the location was a fun area.

Khuyết điểm:To sum it up the hotel suck. When we arrived at the hotel the lobby wasn't even clean. In need of a vacuum. We got checked in took our stuff to the room (room 414) the room was disgusting. needed vacuumed, the smell was horrible, the door looked like someone tried to kick the door in and the door had one inch play when shut. Didn't feel safe. There was a hole in the one wall the air conditioning didn't work so they had a cheap little fan. I noticed the smoke alarm battery spot was opened so I looked at it and no battery inside so I removed it from the wall to see if it was wired in and nope. No working smoke alarm. The bathroom had mold on the ceiling. We had a coffee maker but no coffee or coffee pot. And the room didn't even have an alarm clock. They had a rooftop pool. But the water was a greenish color. After the travel site discount we were paying about $150 a night I wouldn't even want to pay $30 a night for this room. The breakfast sucked for the price we payed and every time we tried to use the toaster or microwave they had electrical problems and they didn't work. The staff for breakfast was rude. We had to stay that night in that nasty room and the next day I demanded another room and they were not happy about it but got us another room. (room 504) this room was livable and smelled better. Even the new room wasn't worth that much money. I feel like we got ripped off.


Địa điểm

3108 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA 23451

Những nơi gần đây

  • Neptune Statue124 m
  • Old Coast Guard Station Museum0.9 km
  • Virginia Beach Boardwalk1.4 km
  • Virginia Beach Convention Center1.5 km
  • Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art1.5 km
  • Croatan Beach4.2 km
  • Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center4.4 km
  • First Landing State Park6.2 km
  • Great Neck Park7.6 km
  • Cape Henry Memorial7.8 km
  • Cape Henry Lighthouse7.8 km
  • Adam Thoroughgood House12.6 km

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Nhận phòng/Trả phòng

Nhận phòng bất kì lúc nào sau 16:00, trả phòng bất kì lúc nào trước 11:00

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Câu hỏi thường gặp khi đặt phòng tại Neptune Park Inn

  • Neptune Park Inn nằm tại 3108 Atlantic Avenue ở North Virginia Beach, cách trung tâm Virginia Beach 0,8 km. Neptune Statue là thắng cảnh gần nhất so với Neptune Park Inn.

  • Giờ nhận phòng là 16:00 và giờ trả phòng là 11:00 tại Neptune Park Inn.

  • Không, Neptune Park Inn không có đường truyền Wi-Fi miễn phí.

  • Không, Neptune Park Inn không có bãi đỗ xe miễn phí.

  • Không, Neptune Park Inn không có dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay miễn phí.

  • Neptune Park Inn cách Norfolk một quãng 20,1 km. Neptune Park Inn cách Newport News Intl một quãng 54,7 km.

  • Không, Neptune Park Inn không có hồ bơi trong khuôn viên.

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