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Edificio Albufeira

Avenida 25 De Abril Loja 10, 8200-014 Albufeira, Faro, Bồ Đào Nha
+351 289 512 390

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Edificio Albufeira - Albufeira, Bồ Đào Nha
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+351 289 512 390

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  • Tốt
    thg 8 2019

    The location is just outstanding.Outside the building we have taxi stand, escalator to go upside. Beach view is always bonus as well.

    This entire apartment is being rented by many people which was confusing. I entered into the building and the guy at the reception told me that I am not allowed to checkin here. I have to go to that shop. She will do the checkin. It was quite weird. Later I understood that the apartment which I booked is managed by her. The biggest problem In my room was no AC unlike other apartments and since it was hot, I had a huge discomfort while sleeping at night.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 8 2019

    Property is well located and clean, perfect and all you need for a short stay in Albufeira. Highly recommend if you want to stay right on the beach in a well priced, clean property with lovely staff.

    Bit noisy at night but earplugs sort that one out. Not an issue for us and certainly wouldn’t put me off staying again.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 8 2019

    Location excellent right on beach and central Air con Beds comfy Great view from balcony and got sun all morning Clean apartment and large Host is lovely lady Amazing shower very powerful Well equipped kitchenette area

    Slightly noisy around (however know that’s not the property’s fault) just so people are aware of this. No facilities like public toilet in lobby area to freshen up before an evening flight No where secure to keep our bags in the day before flight home A bit confusing when you check in! (It’s at a shop around the corner!) Didn’t have enough toilet paper given to us Tv has no english channels

  • Tốt
    thg 6 2019

    Our room was facing the beach. Beautiful spot. The view was spectacular and the deck was great for yoga in morning and drinks at night. Two teens slept on twin beds in front room facing the ocean. Husband and I slept on double bed in back room. Had breakfast every morning in the unit.

    The place felt run down. The bathroom had an odor that permeated the whole unit even with the door closed and fan on. It was explained to me that the sea level causes the odor but in any case, the smell was nauseating. Our hostess was gracious about it and had bath cleaned but odor quickly came back. Also, the location was very loud—lots of screaming and partygoers late at night. Very much a busy tourist town.

  • Tuyệt hảo
    thg 6 2019

    The location great, away from the noisy street as they are all at the back of the building. The hotel building is just the beginning of the old Albufeira town and the start of the long narrow streets with thousands of restaurants and bars and markets stalls. The room is big enough and it could easily fits four. Kitchen fully fitted. The hostess Frederica was very nice and friendly, quick check in which is on the side from the first tourist attraction booking office. Easy transfer to Faro airport, by taxi booking form her. Good view from the balcony. It’s recommended to do a big siesta then long stroll out for late evening is when the party or hustle bustle, for hundreds of places to chose from fro diner. You can even do a long walk to The Strip via the coastal road or by Uber. We prefer the old town as you can also party till super late and there’s much more clubbing bars places here too, all walking distance from the hotel. In the morning it’s very quiet, hotel is opposite the big escalator where you can see hundreds of tourist in and out of Albufeira old town. Food and drinks good prices you need to wander around and chose what you want. Drinks very cheap. Every5hing is on the doorstep, supermarket everywhere, everything stays open till super late.

    We travel from Lisbon by Alfa pendular train super quick comfortable journey, had to wait like 35 mins for bus to Albufeira bus station where you have to change for another smaller bus which does takes long to arrive, but we Uber for €3 for like 6km down the coast where you’ll have to walk as no driving in the old town. From the bus station which is dead quiet place then you arrive in middle of the old town the music, crowd, it’s buzzing , prepare for a sudden change. Noise was ok, once you balcony door is close. Day time noise due to the kids racing area in front of the hotel , it’s not bad as it was UK playlist all day till quiet late at night. Beach was not that crowded as weather was not that warm but ok for walk.

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Edificio Albufeira ở trung tâm Albufeira, chỉ cách Bãi biển Fisherman và Bãi biển Albufeira 3 phút đi bộ. Nhân viên lễ tân chỉ phục vụ trong thời gian nhất định.


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dựa trên 195 đánh giá


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Edificio Albufeira - Albufeira - Phòng tắm Phòng tắm (1)
Edificio Albufeira - Albufeira - Bãi biển Bãi biển (2)
Edificio Albufeira - Albufeira - Phòng ngủ Phòng ngủ (3)

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  • Fisherman's Beach 137 m
  • Museu Municipal de Arqueologia 218 m
  • Igreja Matriz 0,4 km
  • Igreja de Sant'Ana 0,5 km
  • Albufeira Marina 1,5 km
  • Praia dos Aveiros 1,6 km

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