The Inn On Broadway

1301 South Broadway, Lexington, KY 40504, Mỹ
+1 859 519 2060
6.680.543 ₫
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The Inn On Broadway
Th. 4 26/1
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FINDHOTEL6.680.543 ₫

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Th. 4 26/1
Th. 5 27/1
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Deluxe Rooms(6.680.543 ₫)
Deluxe room
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6.680.543 ₫ tổng cộngFINDHOTEL

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TốtDựa trên 54 các đánh giá được xác minh của khách
7,3Cặp đôi
7,2Một mình
8,0Bạn bè
7,6Gia đình

Thời điểm của năm:
Phân loại theo:
Mới hơn hiện trước
8,8 Tuyệt
Ưu:Sharing a driveway with - and situated catercorner to - a rather stately and impressive looking hotel, the Inn on Broadway is humble by comparison. Yet what is lacks in polish it makes up for in comfort, warmth and price. The bed was fantastically comfortable; I didn't check under the mattress cover, but whatever they're using for guest beds is both delicious and contemporary - the beds are of the newer variety (not memory foam, as far as I could tell. Maybe pillow-top?) Doesn't matter: comfortable beds. A+. The room itself was clean, adequately appointed, linens fresh and spotless. What could use some attention is the carpeting throughout the main hallways and the carpeting in our room, specifically, had a small camel hump running the length of the room. No doubt the place is clean, but the dated pieces, once replaced or refreshed, will bring another star. If you can get past the slightly dull (read: no bling here) appearance compared to updated hotels, you'll be just fine. If you're looking for white glove, designer interior, stay elsewhere. Or keep your eyes closed. The breakfast was nothing unusual nor awesome. Predictable, standard and very workable for travelers, business or family. Plenty of cereal, oatmeal, biscuits and gravy, yogurt, fresh fruit, and the second morning offered scrambled eggs. Juice, coffee, small baked goods, etc. No "wow" factor but enough choices to make a decent on-the-fly breakfast. No complaints. The staff was warm and friendly, personable and professional. I'd love to stay for parent's weekend but I think they're already booked!
Khuyết điểm:Smoking in the fire stairwell when there are clear and abundant signs the building is NO smoking anywhere. The smoke wafted through the hall into the room, slightly (ever so slightly). Even though I was staying in a room on the opposite end of the building, the smell of smoking was annoying enough to compel me to go find from where it was coming. The stairwell. Not sure why this was condoned, but that was a but thumbs down for me. If I could smell it on the top floor, I'm sure others could, elsewhere in the building.
10,0 Tuyệt hảo
Ưu:Staff was very welcoming, always had a smile.
7,1 Tốt
Ưu:The rooms smelled clean and well kept. I liked that I had a couch in my room! I liked the location next to a major street, and I liked that there was some kind of breakfast included. Mini fridge in room, decent internet, two tvs, plenty of closet/drawer space. The staff is super friendly though seemed to be harried and overworked (often times there was no one at the desk). Really nice people though. I liked that they kept the dining area open even when the breakfast wasn't on so you could go get a plate or plasticware for take-out and coffee.
Khuyết điểm:The cleaning staff did some odd things: such as cleaning my coffee pot, but not doing anything else (not making the bed for instance). I hated the hot portion of the breakfast and wished there was something other than mushroom gravy on biscuits! Lots of little things were a bit off - like the placement of the fridge made it such that you had to tip it over to be able to open it, the majority of the lighting in the room was fluorescent bulbs which is a really depressing kind of lighting.
5,7 Tạm được
Ưu:Room looked like a well-kept retirement facility. Good breakfast in the morning. Clean.
Khuyết điểm:Room had no AC and the window was painted shut. No one mentioned it upon check-in. Night concierge couldn't speak English. Morning concierge wasn't able to help and asked me to call back later. Wasn't able to, so no idea if they would've been helpful.
8,0 Tuyệt
Ưu:Great room for the price. Comfortable bed. Great water pressure (I know it's weird to note that, but it's better than most hotels I've stayed in). Overall layout was good.
Khuyết điểm:There were a lot of VERY noisy guests on the floor that were yelling loud enough to wake us up at 4am. I know the hotel can't control this, but it marred an otherwise great stay.

Địa điểm

1301 South Broadway, Lexington, KY 40504

Những nơi gần đây

  • The Red Mile1 km
  • University of Kentucky1.7 km
  • Commonwealth Stadium1.8 km
  • University of Kentucky Art Museum1.9 km
  • Rupp Arena2.4 km
  • Lexington Convention Center2.5 km
  • Mary Todd Lincoln House2.5 km
  • University of Kentucky Arboretum2.6 km
  • Lexington Opera House2.6 km
  • Hunt-Morgan House2.8 km
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Câu hỏi thường gặp khi đặt phòng tại The Inn On Broadway

  • The Inn On Broadway nằm tại 1301 South Broadway, cách trung tâm Lexington 1,8 km. The Red Mile là thắng cảnh gần nhất so với The Inn On Broadway.

  • Giờ nhận phòng là 16:00 và giờ trả phòng là 12:00 tại The Inn On Broadway.

  • Không, The Inn On Broadway không có đường truyền Wi-Fi miễn phí.

  • Không, The Inn On Broadway không có bãi đỗ xe miễn phí.

  • Không, The Inn On Broadway không có dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay miễn phí.

  • The Inn On Broadway cách Lexington Blue Grass một quãng 7,3 km. The Inn On Broadway cách Louisville Standiford Field một quãng 107,3 km.

  • Không, The Inn On Broadway không có hồ bơi trong khuôn viên.

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