Sun Bright

Sun Bright

140 Hester Street, New York, NY 10013, Mỹ
+1 212 226 7070
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Sun Bright
Th. 7 29/1
CN 30/1
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Ảnh của Sun Bright Hotel - Shared Bathroom

Phòng trống tại Sun Bright

Th. 7 29/1
CN 30/1
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Tiện nghi tại Sun Bright

  • Cáp hoặc TV vệ tinh
  • Wi-Fi
  • Lễ tân 24/24
  • Điều hoà
  • Thang máy
  • Tủ chứa đồ sẵn có

Cơ bản

  • Điều hoà
  • Wi-Fi

Đa phương tiện và giải trí

  • Cáp hoặc TV vệ tinh

Trợ năng và tính phù hợp

  • Thang máy

Tổng quan

  • Tủ chứa đồ sẵn có

Dịch vụ và tiện ích

  • Lễ tân 24/24

Đánh giá về Sun Bright

Tầm thườngDựa trên 13 các đánh giá được xác minh của khách
3,9Một mình
3,5Bạn bè
2,1Cặp đôi

Thời điểm của năm:
Phân loại theo:
Mới hơn hiện trước
2,0 Tệ
Khuyết điểm:The bed was horribly uncomfortable, creaked everytime you moved. Staff, unfriendly n unhelpful Bad
2,0 Tệ
Ưu:Nothing at all.
Khuyết điểm:Single thin mattress on wood platform. Room in 6' wide with no ceiling, just chicken wire. Three common bathrooms per floor are disgusting. Rotting ceilings in number of areas. No elevator. Drug addicts and hookers walking round. DO NOT STAY HERE!!!!'
2,2 Tệ
Ưu:i got to help out a friend in need.
Khuyết điểm:This place was just bad. Bed beds. Public washroom. No tv. No windows. Rude staff. Dirty. Do not book a room here unless it's your last choice and you're totally broke. I could have pocketed the cash and gotten better sleep in my car and cleaner with a packet of baby wipes. The staff was so rude I think they may have been on work release from jail. I didn't even want to shower it was so gross. I think the rest of the hotel guests may have been on meth they seemed content. For $100.00 bucks it was not money well spent. STAY AWAY.
5,7 Tạm được
Ưu:The location was nice. Easy access to Subway and walkable to China Town and Little Italy. The price was affordable for staying in Manhattan. The hotel provided towels, shampoo, travel tooth brush and tooth paste. The bathrooms are shared but generally we didmt have to wait long for an opening. Also they are spacious and cleaned daily. This is a decent place if you are traveling alone and just looking for a cheap please to sleep.
Khuyết điểm:The room was very small (6'x9'). The mattress springs were squeaky and uncomfortable. There sheets and comforter were stained. Only on of the outlets worked. The room had a small fan but NO WINDOW and very little room to move around as the double bed took up most of the space. All that said our biggest complaint was the noise. There is no sound insulation. We were in a room in the middle of the hallway and we could hear talking from adjacent rooms, all of the movement in the hallway, doors opening and closing and even street noise (sirens, large trucks). If you are a light sleeper this is definitely not the place for you.
10,0 Tuyệt hảo
Ưu:It wasn't that bad. Don't expect the Ritz, its a hostel. They cleaned it everyday and there weren't bugs. It's a small room, but it's a single. It is loud and bright but earplugs and eyemask worked fine. They keep the windows open so it can get drafty but keeps it from getting too smelly. There are shared bathrooms but aside from early in morning it was never a problem. And there is NO elevator so your legs get a workout. But staff was great, at $44 a night for 5 nights there's not a cheaper way to stay in Manhattan, you're in heart of Chinatown and Little Italy, lots of culture and super cheap shopping. I'd stay there again.

Địa điểm

140 Hester Street, New York, NY 10013

Những nơi gần đây

  • Brooklyn Bridge1.4 km
  • Washington Square Park1.5 km
  • One World Trade Center1.5 km
  • National 9/11 Memorial & Museum1.6 km
  • Wall Street1.7 km
  • High Line3.5 km
  • Empire State Building3.6 km
  • Bryant Park4.1 km
  • New York Public Library4.1 km
  • Grand Central Terminal4.2 km
  • Ellis Island4.3 km
  • Quảng trường Thời đại4.7 km

Chính sách

Nhận phòng/Trả phòng

Nhận phòng bất kì lúc nào sau 14:00, trả phòng bất kì lúc nào trước 11:00

Huỷ/trả trước

Chính sách huỷ đặt/trả trước sẽ khác nhau tuỳ loại phòng và nhà cung cấp.

Câu hỏi thường gặp khi đặt phòng tại Sun Bright

  • Sun Bright nằm tại 140 Hester Street ở Chinatown, cách trung tâm New York 4,4 km. Brooklyn Bridge là thắng cảnh gần nhất so với Sun Bright.

  • Giờ nhận phòng là 14:00 và giờ trả phòng là 11:00 tại Sun Bright.

  • Không, Sun Bright không có đường truyền Wi-Fi miễn phí.

  • Không, Sun Bright không có bãi đỗ xe miễn phí.

  • Không, Sun Bright không có dịch vụ đưa đón sân bay miễn phí.

  • Sun Bright cách New York Skyports SPB một quãng 2,7 km.

  • Không, Sun Bright không có hồ bơi trong khuôn viên.

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New York John F Kennedy Intl

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