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Tìm những chuyến bay giá rẻ đến Đảo Tioman

Tìm những chuyến bay giá rẻ đến Đảo Tioman

Tìm kiếm hàng trăm trang web du lịch cùng lúc để tìm những ưu đãi cho những chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

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Boston (BOS)
Đảo Tioman
Th 6 9/4
Th 6 16/4
Any month
So sánh với KAYAK |

Bạn nên biết

Mùa thấp điểm

Tháng TưThời điểm tốt nhất để tránh đám đông với mức giá trung bình giảm 2%.

Mùa cao điểm

Tháng SáuThời gian bay phổ biến nhất với mức giá tăng trung bình 17%.

Giá trung bình cho khứ hồi

6.348.687 ₫(giá trung bình cho 2 tuần qua)

Giá tốt cho khứ hồi

2.564.026 ₫trở xuống

Giá tốt cho một chiều

1.793.183 ₫trở xuống

Những mẹo hay nhất để tìm vé giá rẻ tới Đảo Tioman

  • Không có sân bay lớn ở Đảo Tioman, thay vào đó nơi này được phục vụ bởi Sân bay Sultan Ismail Intl.
  • Tìm vé máy bay giá rẻ tới Đảo Tioman? 25% người dùng của chúng tôi tìm thấy vé bay đến Đảo Tioman với giá nhỏ hơn hoặc bằng mức giá sau: Một chiều từ TP. Hồ Chí Minh giá 1.793.183 ₫ - khứ hồi giá 2.178.604 ₫, khứ hồi từ Hà Nội với giá 9.046.753 ₫
  • Hãy đặt vé ít nhất 1 tuần trước khi khởi hành để được mức giá thấp hơn mức trung bình.
  • Mùa cao điểm thường là Tháng Năm, Tháng Sáu và Tháng Bảy. Tháng bạn có thể mua vé máy bay đến Đảo Tioman rẻ nhất là Tháng Tư.
  • Nhập sân bay khởi hành và ngày đi theo ý bạn vào biểu mẫu tìm kiếm phía trên để mở khóa những ưu đãi giá vé mới nhất tớiĐảo Tioman.

Câu hỏi thường gặp - đặt chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Làm thế nào để bay đến Đảo Tioman?

Sân bay nào nằm gần Đảo Tioman?

Sân bay Johor Bahru cách trung tâm Đảo Tioman bao xa?

Làm thế nào KAYAK tìm được những mức giá rẻ như thế cho những chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman?

Làm thế nào công cụ Dự báo giá chuyến bay của KAYAK giúp tôi chọn được thời điểm phù hợp để mua vé máy bay đến Đảo Tioman ?

Thế nào là tuỳ chọn KAYAK Mix cho những chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman?

Thế nào là tính năng "ngày linh hoạt" của KAYAK và tại sao tôi cần quan tâm thời điểm tìm chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman?

Hãng bay hàng đầu bay đến Đảo Tioman

Điểm theo đánh giá của khách hàng KAYAK

Malaysia Airlines
Điểm tổng thể dựa trên 1.532 đánh giá
Lên máy bay
Thư thái
Phi hành đoàn
Thư giãn, giải trí
Thức ăn
Đánh giá hãng bay

Ưu: "Amazing plane, latest technology, great customer service, clean bathrooms at all time. It was an experience"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing not to like. They went above and beyond"

Ưu: "Smooth flight, great entertainment"

Ưu: "Friendly crews"
Khuyết điểm: "Seat allocation was not proper for maximum comfort as flight wasn’t full"

Khuyết điểm: "Malaysia airlines lost my luggage. Delayed for over 24 hours and had to send to another airport. Cost me hundreds of dollars and no compensation provided"

Khuyết điểm: "Delayed again. 5 flights of people crammed in gate area 81 - 84. Ridiculous"

Ưu: "Food was good."
Khuyết điểm: "The delayed flight and consequently lost luggage afterwards."

Khuyết điểm: "For 50 min flight we waited 45 mins in taxi"

Khuyết điểm: "Flight delayed!!"

Ưu: "Web checkin and Baggage Drop were precise which saved time. Few passengers do not matter these two (2) important features but this is efficiency to a minimum!"
Khuyết điểm: "None"

Ưu: "There were choices of foods. I really liked the fact that they considered Korean natives as they gave kimchi together with their dishes. Attendants were polite and kind. 30kg allowance is a great merit too."
Khuyết điểm: "Frequent delays in flights and changes in timings. There were many passengers and it's quite hard to carry my carrier through the alley. The foods may be in variety but did not taste very nice."

Ưu: "Easy and efficient boarding"
Khuyết điểm: "Too hot onboard"

Khuyết điểm: "The crew at the check in counter were generally helpful and courteous, however the staff on the flight we're often short or generally rude; thus continuing the airlines reputation for poor service. The food wasn't great either, but we knew to expect this and brought food purchased from Sydney airport (which was a saving grace)!"

Ưu: "There was not much entertainment for kids .. and a"
Khuyết điểm: "Food was not at all good.. there was not any food at dinner for vegetarians and also for breakfast"

Ưu: "The regular plane was swapped out for the A380"

Ưu: "They provided us with a hotel to stay in until everything was arranged."
Khuyết điểm: "No communications with KL that our flight was cancelled and marked me as a no show on my next flight. Which cancelled my next flights. I'm not too impressed."

Ưu: "Short flight."
Khuyết điểm: "One of our luggage was delayed during transit."

Ưu: "Fast boarding"
Khuyết điểm: "Forced to check a carry-on used all over the world for years. Then they lose it"

Ưu: "Not enough elbow space between fat passengers"

Ưu: "Acceptable in general. Food (ran out of option, only fish curry left in row 20's), enterteinment, comfort (empty seats)."
Khuyết điểm: "Attitude by attendants can be improved."

Khuyết điểm: "Initial flight was one hour late....almost missed my connecting flight, bags didn't make it to my destination. Not much help or info given about the late flight and how to connect to the next flight. First plane was old and beat-up."

Khuyết điểm: "Both outbound and inbound flights were delayed for hours. Terrible."

Ưu: "Efficient and quick to load the plane and then take off."

Ưu: "New aircraft Improved entertainment system More baggage allowance"
Khuyết điểm: "Tight seat pitch at 30 inches only Poor food"

Ưu: "Efficient check in"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"

Ưu: "Good entertainment system."
Khuyết điểm: "Food was only one choice - fish (not tasty)."

Ưu: "I actually thought the seats were pretty comfy. And they have in flight entertainment, no need to download an app or anything."
Khuyết điểm: "Wish I had known there would be a meal on the short flight. I usually request a vegetarian meal so I couldn't do it this time."

Khuyết điểm: "No food, No entertainment"

Khuyết điểm: "Check in counter personnel were very slow. They did not know proper immigration rules. They made me wait for 30 minutes while they verified with immigration on something I had already told them. I had to rush through immigration and security to ensure I made the flight on time. Added stress as a customer."

Ưu: "Nothing much"
Khuyết điểm: "It was freezing on the first flight and although I gave requested for a drink twice this was never brought to me. The Flight attendants were rude and not helpful."

Khuyết điểm: "Got stuck by lots of crying kids."

Ưu: "Flight was full felt cramped. Towards back of plane so only 1 toilet. The Veg pie was slightly warm and unappetising , took 1 bite and left rest. Steward saw this and gave me extra peanuts instead. The brekkie was awfulll, the supposed scrambled eggs was congealed into the shape of the holder and again lukewarm the grilled tomatoe looked washed ate the squahed croissant , yoghurt and fruit. What happened to international food standards . Crew was nice...though if wanted water later on had to get yourself.They didn't come around much offering water before Brekkie. No game option eg Sudoku on Entertainment site. My bag come off carousel more scratched than with other Airlines, so poor handling. Disembarked by stairs at Sydney Airport near Cargo plane area and had bus to Airport. Never had that before on an International flight , so took much longer to get into terminal....last thing you want after a long flight."

Ưu: "Short trip 50 mins"

Khuyết điểm: "our vegan food was not provided"

Ưu: "- On Time - Nice to include buns or bread for breakfast - Staffs should be more gracious and engaging."
Khuyết điểm: "- Landing was rough and sudden - Hot drinks only served at the end of meal. It should be served together with meal. - Row 17 was last to be served. Rather hungry especially on transit flight from Singapore - No transit lounge and refreshments"

Khuyết điểm: "Flight canceled last minute! Lost my connection back home. Still no news about pay back. Had to book another flight on my own expense."

Khuyết điểm: "Had a transit flight through KL from Colombo to Bali. The luggage was not with me and my friend along with about 7-10 others post arrival in Bali. We received the luggage after losing almost one day eating into our holiday. Minor compensation was given but the inconvenience was far more! This is not the KL to colombo flight but thought i will write it in here as I got this through Kayak"

Khuyết điểm: "Only 3 hours to checkin prior boarding for business class. I waited for 2 hours foor checkin"

Ưu: "Direct Flight"
Khuyết điểm: "Food was absolutely disgusting. The mash potato and chicken was completely melt into liquid. The air con continually leaking throughout the journey."

Khuyết điểm: "The airline lost our backpack raincover and did nothing to help find place a claim"

Ưu: "Crew always pleasant on this route."
Khuyết điểm: "This route used to have new planes with AVOD at each seat but the airline seems to have switched back to old planes which really should be kept for domestic sectors"

Ưu: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "Collection of headsets, too long at the tarmac before take off."

Ưu: "n/a"
Khuyết điểm: "incredibly rude staff (though it was just one, no one else was available to help either): ignored request to fix non-functioning entertainment system, skipped us for meals AND drinks, and generally ignored our concerns when we were very kind in asking"

Ưu: "The serious of the pilot !!!!!!"
Khuyết điểm: "No one cleaned the toilets...always pieces of paper on the every toilets!!! And the food wasn't very good..."

Khuyết điểm: "see headline"

Ưu: "Cabin crew were very helpful trying to help me mop up the spillage caused by my broken tray table."
Khuyết điểm: "One side of my tray table was broken, hence the spilled drink; the TV screen was also hanging on by one hinge and the USB charger didn't work. That was the plane. Now the rest of it: our flight from Jakarta was delayed and therefore late arriving at KL and if our onward flight hadn't also been delayed, we would have missed our connection. As it was our luggage never made it. 24 hrs later and we still have not been contacted re our lost luggage even though it had already been located by the time we arrived in DXB and we'd been assured it was being put on the same flight we'd arrived on - only a day later."

Khuyết điểm: "plane interior very basic, no headrest cover. landing was rough and scary."

Khuyết điểm: "Jet was worn out, departure was delayed an hour due to cargo being loaded, and my bagage was lost in transit in KL (had to wait 48 hours to get it back). Apparently this is common due to short connecting time. Beware."

Ưu: "my luggage lost watch and headset"

Ưu: "7時間程度前に「機材繰り」で5時間遅延の連絡がきた。これだけ前に連絡が来ると予定も立てやすい。定刻通りの5時間遅れで飛んだ。1時間待たせ、途中であと1時間遅延、再度1時間遅延という遅延でなかったことも良かった。"
Khuyết điểm: "MHのベースであるKLIAで機材繰りによる5時間遅延というのが理解できない。5時間も遅延するのであればKLIA発なので別の機材を手当てすることもできただろう。MHはここ1年で経営が大変なこともわかるが、頑張ってほしかった。 あと、24時発がAM5時発に遅延ということで深夜便が早朝便に変わったようなものだ。早朝便で深夜便のままのミールでは物足りない。7時間も前に5時間の遅延を発表しているのだから、きちんとミールも対応してほしかった。"

Đọc thêm về Malaysia Airlines
Thông tin về COVID-19

Những biện pháp an toàn cho những hãng bay có chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Những hãng bay có chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman đã thực hiện thêm những biện pháp an toàn và điều chỉnh các chính sách để thích ứng tốt hơn với du khách. Các chính sách khác nhau tuỳ vào hãng bay.

Tăng cường vệ sinh

Lau chùi hằng ngày, lắp đặt các màng lọc HEPA cho cabin trên những chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Khẩu trang bắt buộc

Cần đeo khẩu trang khi lên máy bay, khẩu trang được cung cấp cho các chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Xếp ghế ngồi giữ cự ly xã giao

Ghế ngồi ở giữa không đặt được cho những chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Xét nghiệm trước khi bay

Xét nghiệm kháng thể, xét nghiệm triệu chứng cho các chuyến bay đến Đảo Tioman

Đặt vé máy bay giá rẻ đi Đảo Tioman

Những ưu đãi gần đây cho chuyến bay khứ hồi

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Malaysia Airlines
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Malaysia Airlines
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Th 3
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Malaysia Airlines
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Th 6
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Malaysia Airlines
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