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27 Thg. 9 — 4 Thg. 101
Khứ hồi
1 người lớn
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Th. 3 27/9
Th. 3 4/10

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32.211.424 ₫

Giá trung bình cho khứ hồi

24.840.010 ₫

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10.352.453 ₫
Thời điểm tốt nhất để tránh đám đông với mức giá trung bình giảm 6%.
Thời gian bay phổ biến nhất với mức giá tăng trung bình 31%.
Chuyến bay từ Hồ Chí Minh Quốc tế Tân Sơn Nhất tới Hạ Môn Gaoqi Intl
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Hãng bay hàng đầu bay Southeast Asia đến Hạ Môn Gaoqi Intl

Điểm theo đánh giá của khách hàng KAYAK
China SouthernĐiểm tổng thể dựa trên 5528 đánh giá
7,3Lên máy bay
7,1Thư thái
7,6Phi hành đoàn
6,9Thư giãn, giải trí
6,7Thức ăn
Đánh giá hãng bay
Ưu: "The cabin crews professional, kind, and helpful attitude all the time during the flight."
Khuyết điểm: "1- The boarding, was very late as well as the departure. 2- The captain’s departing and landing technique, I had a feeling the plane was going to dismantle due to his harsh landing!. 3- The food’s quality."
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Ưu: "The cabin crews professional, kind, and helpful attitude all the time during the flight."
Khuyết điểm: "1- The boarding, was very late as well as the departure. 2- The captain’s departing and landing technique, I had a feeling the plane was going to dismantle due to his harsh landing!. 3- The food’s quality."
Ưu: "as expected"
Ưu: "Never flew with China Southern before. Really excellent service."
Khuyết điểm: "Need sweeteners for beverages besides sugar."
Ưu: "short (3 hours) flight. food is okay as airplane food. seats are pretty big."
Khuyết điểm: "The only complaining is there isn't any Cantonese movies as it supposed to be a Guangzhou (廣東) bound."
Ưu: "They assigned me the last seat abutting the bathroom in the back of the plane. It was the smallest seat with zero leg room. The seat itself had zero cushion. And because the back of the seat is against the wall of the bathroom it could not be leaned back either. The entertainment screen is so close to my face I could not look at it directly. I was probably the only Black guy in there. I wonder how they found me that seat. It was a Nonstop flight, I will fly China Southern every chance I get because I just want to get from point A to point B. But, I'll be asking more questions about my seat assignment before accepting it."
Ưu: "We were a day late in arriving due to lack of assistance by China Southern to get us on our originally scheduled flight"
Ưu: "There was nothing particularly remarkable"
Khuyết điểm: "I wished that the TV screens were positioned such that the screens were clearly visible from all seats."
Ưu: "Both flights the Food was lukewarm"
Ưu: "Everything is ok"
Ưu: "It wasn’t a difficult flight"
Khuyết điểm: "Wish there would’ve been inflight entertainment"
Ưu: "Food and beverage service was class. In-flight movies were decent. Flight was smooth and faster than projected."
Khuyết điểm: "N/a"
Khuyết điểm: "Please help me find my luggage!"
Ưu: "November 14, 2017 Take flight CZ373 from Southern Airlines to Ho Chi Minh City from Guangzhou. My mom is 83 years old and need a wheelchair to walk. The flight crew arranged her on the machine. The flight Attendants let her sit in the front row and the stewardess is beautiful. Nov 21 return From Ho Chi Minh to Guangzhou. Flight CZ3070 Crew performed equally well. Thanks to Southern Airlines. The next choice of travel must be selected. I wish business is booming. Veng Hong Fan Email: fan_bonnie@yahoo.com.hk 23 Nov, 2017"
Ưu: "Crew were friendly and very efficient. China Southern completes the service of food and drink very quickly when compared to other airlines. Boarding was super easy."
Khuyết điểm: "The plane was extremely hot. It was hot while we were on the tarmac, then it cooled right down once we were taking off. Once we levelled out it was way too hot again. Not pleasant at all."
Ưu: "left on time and arrived a little early, lunch was served (food was not bad, but not super amazing)"
Khuyết điểm: "no personalized entertainment system"
Khuyết điểm: "I have to cancel the flight due to a death in my family. i thought the airline will waive the canceling charge, i guess not. my daughter and I have to pay $400 total for it. Sad."
Ưu: "Good staff"
Ưu: "Na"
Khuyết điểm: "Not able to use ur phone in airplane mode!!"
Ưu: "Staff, drinks, entertainment, seat layout"
Khuyết điểm: "Too warm, but a challenge on all asia flights"
Ưu: "Was worried about the legroom on the 15hr flight. No problem at all."
Ưu: "very good service both on flight and on the phone"
Khuyết điểm: "the connecting flight from Guangzhou to Xiamen delayed for 2 hours, which made me waited in Guangzhou for 8+ hours."
Khuyết điểm: "The flight was delayed"
Ưu: "No frills solid business with excellent price and flexibility. Have flow thisxairlin multiple times without glitches. Lounges are simple and comfortable. There were no vegetarian snacks."
Khuyết điểm: "Lounges a bit sparse and.no vegetarian snacks."
Ưu: "Very nice flight attendants!"
Khuyết điểm: "There was smoking on the airplane and it was coming from the cockpit. The pilots are smoking?! What a shame."
Ưu: "Comfortable flight"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was delayed so I had to run to my next flight...not good"
Khuyết điểm: "We had to pick up our luggage in Urumqi and take it for rechecking to go on to PEK. Very poor. We were given a sticker to show that we were going to go on which I think was supposed to help us get through passport control faster. No one helped us even though we had stickers. We missed our flight to PEK and had to catch the next one. This caused us to miss our flight to LA. Not very happy. Why can't the luggage be transferred to the next flight instead of having to pick it up and recheck?"
Ưu: "It was on time even thought there was a storm."
Khuyết điểm: "Ok I really don't understand this. I'm from Guangzhou and CAN is home airport and China Southern Airline is pretty much my hometown airline. So basically CAN is their hub and they should have certain privileges at CAN. But every time I went to CAN to take a China Southern airline I had to take a shuttle to board the flight. Even for a huge flight like 787 you still have to take the shuttle to board. Can't they request a gate for big air crafts like this? And then the food is really bad. If you don't have to land in CAN, I would consider flying to HKG instead with Cathay Pacific."
Ưu: "Friendly staff , realitively clean"
Khuyết điểm: "I lost money because I bought my ticket in USD and gogt charged $1000, then when I got refunded I only got $880 back. Garbage service."
Khuyết điểm: "2 hours delayed, I couldn't say anything good about this flight and the terrible experience waiting for my flights in china"
Khuyết điểm: "They lost my baggage and changed boarding times without notifying me."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight delayed"
Ưu: "KLMs overall attention to detail from hot towels to regular water or juice to prevent degradation. Welcoming friendly cabin attendants."
Ưu: "Left on time and went through customs in no time. Nice airport in Guangzhou and the crew had no problem with my vaporizer and no passengers complained either."
Khuyết điểm: "No complaints"
Ưu: "Service was ok. Overall experience was ok"
Khuyết điểm: "Although ticketed travel said 1 layover. We also had a transfer which was not explained properly in wuhan. On my trip to hcmc I had to stay a night with out food or water"
Ưu: "The aircraft layout was one seat right, two seats middle and one seat left. Very private. Blankets and pillows soft and comfortable. Flight attendants very attentive, polite and eager to help."
Khuyết điểm: "In flight entertainment was poor. Very limited selection for everything. The TV shows featured had only one episode! So if you wanted to see another, too bad."
Ưu: "Flights are always on time, flight attendants are very nice."
Khuyết điểm: "Uncomfortable seats, no in-flight entertainment."
Ưu: "The cabin crew were quick to answer all of my requests. Blanket, coffee, coke, water."
Khuyết điểm: "We had a bulkhead behind us and our seats didn't seem to have the full angle for recline."
Ưu: "movies on board"
Khuyết điểm: "I Had a horrible experience with both my flight to Thailand and back to the US. On my way there, there were 2 women involved in heated verbal altercation ( although I do not understand Chinese but their tone of voice and body language speak for itself ). The stewardess did not do anything to defuse the situation. It took another passenger to offer to switch seat with one of the woman. Then came a toddler crying all the way to China. The horrible part of the thailand flight was that I was not being inform in San Francisco that I had to pick up my luggage , check in to get my boarding pass and then go through custom again. I know I should not be complaining considering the cheap fare, but I still expected a little more from this airline."
Khuyết điểm: "No usb charging cord. Other than that; it's great."
Ưu: "Flights ran on time. Price was less than other airlines"
Ưu: "Nothing special"
Khuyết điểm: "I felt like I wasn't able to get enough water to drink. They seem like they didn't want to be bothered."
Ưu: "Good service"
Khuyết điểm: "Food no good"
Ưu: "Food was excellent, especially the beef tenderloin dinner. Crew was generally attentive and helpful."
Khuyết điểm: "Initially seat would not adjust. Crewmember was able to fix it though."
Ưu: "Great, multicultural movie selection."
Khuyết điểm: "On a 2:20hr flight they start movie 20-30 minutes after takeoff and turn off at top of descent (22 mins before landing) Why consistently show 2hr (avg) length movies (in the case X-Men Apocalypse), thus on last 3 flights on this route, no movie has been finished. Either start earlier/end later or pick Videos that fit in the time window they offer for viewing"
Khuyết điểm: "The flight is not allow cellphone and unable to provide inflight wifi."
Ưu: "My parents were excited about their first time visit to the United States."
Ưu: "None"
Khuyết điểm: "No tooth-brush No hot noodle when I was hungry No hot tower Dirty toilet Means flight attendant"
Khuyết điểm: "There is no hot wet napkin to clean face before sleep or wakeup! No toothbrush no noodle when I was so hungry! Grade: F"

Đặt vé máy bay giá rẻ từ Southeast Asia đến Hạ Môn

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2 điểm dừngChina Southern
45h 10mSGN-XMN
32.211.425 ₫
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
52h 25mSGN-XMN
39.511.733 ₫
1 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
27h 10mSGN-XMN
44.038.872 ₫

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