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SGN — Kentucky
15 Thg. 9 — 22 Thg. 91
Khứ hồi
1 người lớn
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Th. 5 15/9
Th. 5 22/9

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DeltaĐiểm tổng thể dựa trên 31200 đánh giá
8,1Lên máy bay
7,8Thư thái
8,5Phi hành đoàn
7,8Thư giãn, giải trí
7,5Thức ăn
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The seats were very tight and uncomfortable compared to other airlines. Cabin crew served the first meal one hour into the flight. And then we got nothing for 9 hours until they were ready to serve another snack. We went to the back and ask for some snacks as my child was hungry but they said they ran out. They never walked the isle to offer drinks or take trash. We did not see them for 9 hours. We paid for the high speed wifi and it didn’t work either. Last time I would fry with Air France based on this experience

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The seats were very tight and uncomfortable compared to other airlines. Cabin crew served the first meal one hour into the flight. And then we got nothing for 9 hours until they were ready to serve another snack. We went to the back and ask for some snacks as my child was hungry but they said they ran out. They never walked the isle to offer drinks or take trash. We did not see them for 9 hours. We paid for the high speed wifi and it didn’t work either. Last time I would fry with Air France based on this experience

The flight actually left early and arrived 15 mins ahead of schedule in Calgary!

Ưu: "Crew was very efficient"
Ưu: "I arrived at my destination safely."
Khuyết điểm: "Attentiveness of the stewardesses: I had to repeatedly ask for things over and over Stewardess manners: when I gently and lightly touched the stewardess elbow as she was passing by and was seated while in air to make a request she looked at me like how dare you touch me like she was appalled."
Ưu: "The crew was nice."
Khuyết điểm: "N/A"
Khuyết điểm: "I was really surprised that economy seats were not blocked off for COVID. They are tight enough as it is and I used SkyMiles to upgrade my seat and sat in a seat that was no different from economy and sat next to someone as well."
Ưu: "Crew amazing, seat not too comfy"
Khuyết điểm: "Sits uncomfortable"
Ưu: "On time"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Ưu: "Standard boarding The plane was on time"
Khuyết điểm: "Better boarding process.Such as the one used by Southwest"
Khuyết điểm: "Broken plane. Why not take better care?"
Ưu: "Great seat easy flight. The food always seem to be the same. I wish they would change it up every once in a while. I've been on this flight 14 times this year and its always exactly the same.."
Khuyết điểm: "The gate was under construction in Seattle, and it was impossible to hear the gate agents."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight cancelled with no reasonable alternative. Ended up driving."
Khuyết điểm: "Very bad service, airline unrespectfull, discortesy"
Ưu: "The crew was ok. The seats was good :)"
Ưu: "Amazing Crew and had a real airplane to ilm for a change!"
Ưu: "Seat 4 A. The flight attendant working first class was very attent"
Ưu: "Clean plane. On time"
Ưu: "Crew was great"
Khuyết điểm: "Hot in the plane and the landing was uncomfortable"
Khuyết điểm: "The Male flight attendant was rather rude"
Khuyết điểm: "Let was a typical flight. About all you can hope for is that it is on time. That makes it excellent."
Khuyết điểm: "... on top of that I kindly requested to speak with a supervisor and i was denied it. As a customer I deserved that. I would a ticket with Aerolineas and nowhere it said it was delta. I followed the baggage allowance explained on kayak website and on Aerolineas Argentinas. I took a bicycle which is free and i pay $100 to packed it as Aerolineas wanted. When I arrived it was a Delta flight and they told they don't allow bicycles and that i had to play $150. Aerolineas website and kayak clearly says that bicycles were free on my flight. I show the agent my ticket and that no where it said delta to consider what he was saying since it is an alliance but i was not informed about it. He said no and after wait there for a while before boarding i kindly ask to speak with a supervisor and the denied it and disappeared. I request a refund of my fee to you for providing incorrect information."
Ưu: "Friendly and Professional Crew"
Khuyết điểm: "Snacks were a bit boring & no tv’s onboard."
Ưu: "Delra was very accommodating to get us on a later flight today due to a medical emergency the previous day. Thank you Delta, especially for your understanding."
Ưu: "Having three seats."
Khuyết điểm: "I had three seats to myself! After getting elbowed all the way from Amsterdam to Minneapolis, I was tired and I slept three good hours."
Khuyết điểm: "seats were broken, armrest broken"
Khuyết điểm: "1,5 hours delay"
Khuyết điểm: "Ran out of snacks by the time they got to my row"
Ưu: "Crew was friendly enough, but not overly."
Khuyết điểm: "Entertainment system was (again) not fully functional. No success to "noon-movies", such as games. Plane was untidy almost from the beginning. Check-in staff was functional, but not particularly friendly."
Ưu: "The movie availability was very much appreciated."
Khuyết điểm: "Although my TSA Pre check number was on my flight coming into Atlanta, it wss not on my fight leaving Atlanta. That caused me to arrive at my gate 5 mins before boarding time and prevented me from having time to eat breakfast before my flight."
Khuyết điểm: "Delayed take off and waited for the bridgr"
Ưu: "Nothing..there was literally nothing that I liked about this flight. The gate clerks were helpful."
Khuyết điểm: "Sooooo many things......there was NO PILOT!!!! Delta knew this 30 minutes before my flight landed and yet Delta did not post or communicate that the flight was going to be delayed and then ultimately cancelled because there was NO PILOT. Of course when they scheduled the flight for the following day not only did they not have a full crew, they had NO PLANE. On the whole, it was pretty terrible."
Ưu: "Entertainment system is awesome and similar to what I usually see only on international flights."
Ưu: "Comfortable flight with pleasant staff. I slept most of the way."
Khuyết điểm: "I was satisfied with this flight and did not experience and discomfort during it"
Ưu: "Friendly people and clean plane"
Khuyết điểm: "They lost my luggage, I hope it shows up shortly"
Ưu: "Flight was on time and even landed early. Boarding was seamless with bag tag. Seats were comfy. Crew was professional."
Khuyết điểm: "A drink with no napkins? I know airlines need to cut costs but what if I spilled my drink or want to wipe my hands after eating pretzels Delta? You can still provide napkins."
Ưu: "The attendants on flight were amazing! The flight was perfect! We arrived early!"
Khuyết điểm: "None"
Ưu: "I'm an American ex-pat who travels to and from between the US and Australia. I do whatever I can to fly on Australian rather than American airlines, as they are always much better in every regard. But in this case it wasn't feasible, and I found myself on a Delta flight. I'd say the overall experience was somewhere between okay-good. Nothing major to complain about, but nothing to rave about either. The entertainment options were decent. I appreciated the variety of newly released movies. However, I would have liked a greater selection of TV shows, and the availability of more episodes. I also appreciated the availability of internet access, but I don't understand why it has to be quite *so* pricey. Surely they could make a bit more on greater volume if they dropped the price a bit. I didn't purchase access, but I would have if it were 40-50% cheaper. The comfort of the plane seemed the same as any of the alternatives. Boarding and deplaning were as they should be."
Khuyết điểm: "The service from the crew though was simply ok. They were just friendly enough not to be rude, but no more than that. Virgin Australia and Qantas consistently have much happier crews, who make you feel like a dignified guest, even in economy. The food was average at best, and they served two meals where the Australian airlines would serve three on the same flight. They also offered less in the way of snacks and drink refills. It seemed like they were cutting corners here, which I don't appreciate on a 15 hour flight. Also, they said they "proudly serve Starbucks coffee". After drinking it, I don't think they should be proud of that! Again, overall it was a decent experience. Nothing flashy, but nothing too bad either. If the costs are comparable for your flight, you should certainly choose one of the Australian carriers. You'll get better service from the crew and better food. The one caveat, however, is that Delta has WiFi, whereas at the date of writing this, the Australian carriers do not. While access is exorbitant, if you really need to get some work done on the plane, you might choose Delta for this reason alone."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was delayed over an hour resulting missing connecting flight"
Ưu: "2 seats by windows, rather than 3, and the roominess plus ease of using the media tv screen and options. the beverage options and food options were plentiful as well as good quality."
Ưu: "The entertainment system worked well and was able to keep my phone charged."
Khuyết điểm: "It's very cramped seating. They started boarding by rows but then gave up. Crew are nice."
Ưu: "Plane took off and arrived on time"
Khuyết điểm: "Seats are terrible with not enough leg room. My knees were pushed up into the seat ahead with no room to reposition or move."
Ưu: "I had a confirmed first class seat when I left Daytona I had row 20 when I got to Atlanta"
Khuyết điểm: "They couldn't figure it il out in Daytona"
Ưu: "An excellent flight"
Ưu: "Flight was very good. We look at t.v. and watch movies to make the flight short."
Khuyết điểm: "I didn't like when I call and ask about the delayed when told that they were waiting on equipment, then when we get to the airport was told that the flight was a international flight that was running late. The Lies!!!!"
Ưu: "Nothing!"
Khuyết điểm: "It never happened! After many delays, my flight was re-routed"
Ưu: "Boarding was efficient and plane was on time."
Khuyết điểm: "Seats were old and dated and there was no entertainment offered."
Ưu: "...the fact that they got us on the plane and back to GRR even though the connecting flight from BWI was delayed and there was little time to make that last flight out of DTW..."
Khuyết điểm: "Sat in 16B and my personal entertainment system wasn't working."
Ưu: "Nice seats...nice crew"
Khuyết điểm: "almost 4 hour delay in Travetse City...some of it weather-related. But: 1.)sat on runway for OVER AN HOUR! While they tried to figure out how to de-ice the plane..first time this winter! 2) had to de-plane in Detroit via steep metal staircase...then climb equally steep staircase to enter jet bridge! 3) this caused me to miss my flight to Buffalo...rerouted through LaGuardia 4) when I went to reschedule no one was at the flight help center...phone guy I talked to didn't seem to have a clue what he was talking about! 5) when someone finally showed up at help center, I found out that at noon on Sunday, I could not get into buffalo until ten the next morning...via Atlanta! I ended up flying into Rochester!"

The plane was warm and the AC barely came out. Wi-Fi dropped out numerous times. Crew didn't seem as professional as other crew we've encountered and only did one pass thru to collect service items. Pleaded with passengers to bring trash to the front on exit and not leave it in/around seats. Only 1st Class and main cabin from row 23 up to 13 got beverage service. Rows 12 and forward were out of luck.

Nice flight

Flight attendants were super profesional and friendly. Very welcoming environment.

The seats weren’t cleaned and the tray tables were filthy

2 hrs delayed

Ưu: "Very good"
Khuyết điểm: "Better spacing. Don't tell me the last two rows are blocked off for safety that's bs, they were blocked off so the flight attendants could have a row to themselves."
Ưu: "Kind crew."
Ưu: "The crew for the rear of the plane for this flight was fantastic."
Khuyết điểm: "More Woodford reserve. Was only 1 available."
Khuyết điểm: "You overbooked your capacity and gave me an option to fly to LAX and find my ride home. Unbelievable."
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing!!!"
Khuyết điểm: "Please let passengers check in earlier like everyone else. After our 8 hour flight, we got 2 middle seats as the plane was booked and we could not check in 24 hrs earlier. Had to run to get our boarding passes also."
Ưu: "Yes"
Khuyết điểm: "Everything was fine"
Ưu: "The flight was on time"
Khuyết điểm: "The crew, comfort, flight itself"
Ưu: "Not too much delay/ wait between flights"
Khuyết điểm: "snacks ?"
Ưu: "Seats were roomy and comfortable."
Khuyết điểm: "Delays sucked."
Khuyết điểm: "Not canceling our reservations and making our flight back home extremely difficult and hair-raising"
Ưu: "Comfortable cabin temp, great in flight entertainment, and excellent flight attendants."
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing actually. It was a very enjoyable flight."
Ưu: "Crew was friendly"
Khuyết điểm: "Delayed flight again. The American Airlines norm now. Seats are small. I ended up sharing part of mine with the man next to me. No food or snacks No entertainment. Not even a skymall magazine to keep me amused."
Ưu: "American Airlines staff from checking to departation were very friendly."
Khuyết điểm: "Sat behind a couple with a small dog that was very stressed and barked at anyone that walked by. It was a late flight and I could have used a few winks."
Ưu: "Flight crew were very apologetic"
Khuyết điểm: "Missed connecting flight from Miami. Only one flight per day. Had to take a flight to an alternative location, drive for an hour down the coast and take a ferry to my final destination."
Khuyết điểm: "This was an updated 737 with pleather seats and a sleek look inside. But what matters most is leg room for me. There was none. I flew for 5 hours in totally cramped conditions. I loved the page in the mag about seat exercises to keep your leg circulation up. Couldn't bend my knees even. Disgusting"
Ưu: "The fact that they re-booked without me having to contact customer service."
Khuyết điểm: "The connecting flight was cancelled while boarding was in progress at the start of the journey."
Ưu: "Efforts to get us to Philadelphia"
Khuyết điểm: "Got to Philly - no one there - rushed 2 concourses and plane still there with daughter on-board. They gave away our seats, told us we would not get on, would not get our baggage and would not get put up in a hotel. Because of the NBA draft - had to travel 60 miles to New Jersey for a hotel. Lost a day, lost 2 tours, endured additional hotel costs...and the attendant made it clear she was on overtime and we just needed to move on. American Airlines is too big and consolidation of airlines has not been good for the public."
Ưu: "Friendly staff."
Khuyết điểm: "Typically claustrophobic conditions. No in-flight entertainment."
Ưu: "Crew"
Khuyết điểm: "Comfort"
Ưu: "The seats on this little plane were large and comfy (which I never thought I'd say about a plane again). The crew was great, and the flight was hitchless."
Khuyết điểm: "We were delayed by an hour and a half. Not that big a deal in the grand scheme of things, but it still puts a cramp in my day."
Khuyết điểm: "Delays, not helpful staff, not even a meal for a 5+ hr flight. No headphones available. All of this after American Airlines delayed flights and caused us to miss connecting. A whole night delay with no luggage because not one American Airlines staff could step up and help us. It was easier for them to be lazy and say “I know how you feel”. Never Again American Airlines"
Khuyết điểm: "Potable water was down so no coffee, tea, or more important... water to wash hands. Then they didn’t have my second choice of beverages after coffee either."
Ưu: "Considerate flight attendants. Turned lights down for evening flight, so we could get some rest."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was not on time. Time was changed a day prior with no reason explained. No in flight entertainment on this flight."
Ưu: "Nothing!"
Khuyết điểm: "it was not BA flight American Airlines. For a 6-hour cross-country flight, there was no entertainment of any kind. More than that, no blanket or a pillow was available which made the trip so much worse. Worst of all, the last 90 minutes of the flight all the toilets ran out of water so they can't even be flushed. First time I have ever come across such a problem. Absolutely terrible."
Ưu: "Im very upset with the flight"
Khuyết điểm: "What you guys did its unfair I paid for a reservation. The way you run the business its not right"
Ưu: "The entertainment"
Khuyết điểm: "There was nowhere to stow my purse and things i wanted to use during flight near me, my luggage got lost"
Ưu: "Pretty much on time departure and arrival. Comfortable, larger aircraft than usual."
Khuyết điểm: "n/s as only a 40 minute flight"
Khuyết điểm: "see review headline above"
Ưu: "Appreciated the extra legroom and food and drink service, even on a short flight. Crew seemed very friendly."
Khuyết điểm: "It was way too cold. We shouldn't all be bundling up in scarves and jackets. I've noticed that European airlines manage nut to freeze the passengers, so three must be a way to adjust the standard temperature on planes a but more."
Ưu: "Our flight from Rome to Chicago was on an airplane from the Flinstones. It creaked, no amenities, not just no wifi and fancy things, but no air nozzles at the seats!?"
Khuyết điểm: "Horrible flight, paid extra for nicer seats, but the airplane was prehistoric"
Ưu: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "All. The worst airline in the world"
Ưu: "Seating was surprisingly comfortable (S80). Left the gate about 4min early. Arrived at destination about 18min early. Full can of soda/juice offered rather than a single cup."
Khuyết điểm: "Limited overhead storage (S80)."
Khuyết điểm: "The pretzels"
Ưu: "Everyghing was smooth and on time"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing at all"
Ưu: "Departed on time arrived a little early"
Khuyết điểm: "Seats were not as comfortable as other flights I've been on."
Ưu: "Everything went well. No problems."
Ưu: "It wasn't a full flight so I had more legroom, since I didn't have a person sit beside me on both flights. The flights arrive on time. Boarding was organized, quick and effective."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight attendant provided a snack to everyone and forgot to offer a snack to me. There were children on both flights, kicking my seat through 60% of the flight. There was not entertainment provided for brief flights and the snack selection was mediocre."
Khuyết điểm: "Previous flight was cancelled so I never made this one."
Ưu: "Short flight"
Khuyết điểm: "No console for personal entertainment"
Ưu: "Please put n/a as an option. There was no entertainment for a flight lasting a little over an hour."
Ưu: "I landed"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was changed which left me with five minutes to get off one plane and onto another. I got to my first gate early and attempted to ask the person there about the timing. She walked away without looking at. On her way down the hall says it will be open in an hour. An hour later I go to the gate. A woman is there and finishing up with another customer. When it was my turn, she said she was closed, yet she helped the joy behind me for over an hour. I know this because I got In the generic questions line and stood there for an hour watching the woman who was "closed" help this guy. When I was FINALLY able to talk to someone, the only thing he told me was to walk fast. That was well worth the 2 hour wait. I will never fly with American again."
Khuyết điểm: "Taking 48 hours to get home and it would have taken longer if I didn't insist on being put on standby. Being told it was probably "god's will" that my flightless canceled."

Our 16-year-old daughter's flight from Newark - Louisville Monday night was cancelled. Originally, United rebooked her on a 5am flight through Chicago. After traveling internationally already for 24 hours, this was not a good option. (Where she would stay until 5am was a separate question altogether). I called and asked for her to be booked on a 1pm direct flight Tuesday instead. At first, the agent told me "no because there was only one seat in first class available." Eventually, after understanding the full situation, she booked her on the flight. Being a minor, we greatly appreciate United allowing her to fly direct rather than having to take a fourth flight to get home. Two other minors traveling with her were also able to get on this flight as stand-bys. In situations like this, it shouldn't matter what kind of seat is available (first class, coach, etc) . Fortunately, United did the right thing and allowed all three kids to get on the direct flight and not have to be on the roads at 3am to get to the airport. Thank you.

3 hour delay

Everything was fine and no changes needed at this time

They allowed a person who illegally refused to wear a mask in the terminal to board the plane after he placed a surgical mask over only his mouth as he complained loudly and sarcastically about the supposed requirement with which he still clearly and obviously refused to comply. They allowed a mask refuser to board unmasked and fly. This is absolutely inexcusable. He should have been arrested, not allowed to board and breathe on innocent people.

Ưu: "Quick boarding"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight attendant said there was no where to hang my suit, and the plane was soooo hot!"
Ưu: "The seat"
Khuyết điểm: "Some crews are not have a nice customer service"
Ưu: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "Delays, bumpy ride, narrow seats, no drinks."
Ưu: "Good movies"
Khuyết điểm: "They delayed the flight like 5 different times and then the luggage took over a half hour"
Khuyết điểm: "The queues at immigration in San Francisco were disgracefully long. it took us 3 hrs to get to our luggage. Advice to US govt to employ more immigration officers. Airlines should report on this"
Ưu: "The crew was very nice"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Ưu: "We were able to use a friend’s first class companion upgrade"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "Plane was over four hours late to depart! United did keep me up-dated but the reason for the delays kept changing!"
Khuyết điểm: "Pilot was late"
Khuyết điểm: "Seats are not very big."
Ưu: "The head Steward & Stewardess were terrific... the JR attendant had serious bad attitude... 1/3 glass of wine without even an apology or a “ let me get more “ seemed to be NOT HAVING A GOOD DAY?"
Khuyết điểm: "My in seat entertainment screen didn’t work... the ear buds didn’t work properly... United must be having problems... I’m sooooo disappointed!"
Ưu: "I had an excellent sandwich on the flight from Germany. The Coach cabin crew were very good."
Khuyết điểm: "Good price for money paid."
Ưu: "Good boarding"
Khuyết điểm: "Delay and no food or movies"
Khuyết điểm: "In flight entertainment was very spotty and would almost be better if it wasn't available."
Ưu: "Departed early for an early arrival which was pleasant."
Khuyết điểm: "It was fine, roomie since I had my own seat section to myself"
Ưu: "Service was friendly. Food ok. Entertainment acceptable for long flight."
Khuyết điểm: "There is More Variety of entertainment on Delta and American Airlines but otherwise comparable."
Ưu: "The flight was fast, quiet, and had a friendly crew"
Khuyết điểm: "We were delayed almost an hour because there was no crew. But, who needs to leave on time when the pilot floors it and gets you there almost on time?"
Ưu: "My seat and space was good. The plane boarded on time and left on time."
Khuyết điểm: "The stewardess Susan Schultz was rude at the end of the flight."
Khuyết điểm: "Lines"
Ưu: "On time."
Khuyết điểm: "Ay a connecting gate too far away!"
Khuyết điểm: "Baggage was lost."
Ưu: "Cheap enough"
Khuyết điểm: "Lack of space"
Khuyết điểm: "Didn't take the plane!"
Ưu: "Polite"
Khuyết điểm: "Wait in Houston. Delayed flights. Not united fault"
Ưu: "The plane was newer and reasonably clean looking."
Khuyết điểm: "I was on the last row in a window seat. Throughout the entire flight tiny ice pellets kept flying out of the vent system above my head. When I mentioned it to the flight attendant, she just shrugged and said "it's just the air conditioner ", like tough luck. That was the only time I saw the attendant. No drinks, no snacks. I guess she didn't have time for the last 4 rows of seats, although the flight was 1 1/2 hours long."
Khuyết điểm: "Delays, delays, delays. Total of 4 hours delayed."
Ưu: "Over it was good even with the late departer Do to constitution on one of the runways Causing our plane to be delayed due to the Previous flight being late getting to the gate."
Khuyết điểm: "There was nothing I didn't like except for a baby Crying which we don't have any control over it But people need to deal with it."
Ưu: "The young ladies who booked hotel after flight was cancelled and worked to get ne on a different flight closer to my interview was great."
Khuyết điểm: "3-4 delays. Boarded the flight and then told we did not make the cut off time and pilot could not legally fly!!!!!! The stewards was NOT nice at all. The way she scolded a man for changing seats was embarrassing. I was utterly disgusted. Tgeybdud not explain the sense of urgency needed when boarding. Passengers would have moved faster."
Ưu: "Efficient"
Khuyết điểm: "Bumpy ride"
Ưu: "We finally arrived safely."
Khuyết điểm: "The plane was filthy and crew was not very helpful."
Ưu: "Even though this was a smaller plane, the seats were roomier"
Ưu: "Courteous attendant. Light snack provided were enjoyable."
Khuyết điểm: "N/A"
Ưu: "the fact that I could pay for more comfort with an upgrade"
Khuyết điểm: "When the crew moved a baby, Mom, and Dad to the upgraded seats for free...And the baby cried the entire flight. Not the baby or parents fault...The crew member did take paying upgrades into consideration. I should get my money bac"
Khuyết điểm: "Didn't get in until 3am"
Ưu: "Excellent personnel, friendly and efficient."
Khuyết điểm: "I was sitting in the boarding area and it was a quiet space, but I didn't hear the boarding announcement. I did get up when I saw that others were but meanwhile still didn't hear continuing announcements. Thank goodness for the excellent boarding sign which noted what zone was boarding."
Khuyết điểm: "Due to the delay of the flight from Palm Springs to Denver, our layover was much longer in Denver, and the flight to Louisville was delayed numerous times."
Ưu: "Will never fly United Airlines!!"
Khuyết điểm: "Customer Service was terrible!!"
Khuyết điểm: "No entertainment provided"
Ưu: "It was a great flight"
Ưu: "Arrived to destination early"
Khuyết điểm: "Asked to be moved to an empty row. Was told "no" by the stewardess, she then offered that same row to another passenger 5 minutes later."
Khuyết điểm: "I do not like this survey. Where can I answer that I did not experienced the entertainment? I have no idea if it was any good"
Khuyết điểm: "•Security was very weird and aggressive towards me. I was "acting suspiciously"...it was my first flight alone and I was confused on where to go •Sat on runway for 30 mins after we landed •Super small plane, barely any room to walk on/off plane"
Khuyết điểm: "It was delayed"
Ưu: "The plane was extremely filthy and it made for an uncomfortable flight."
Khuyết điểm: "See above."
Khuyết điểm: "We were delayed because they couldn't find the demo seatbelt. Then take off and landing were way too jerky. Also they claimed due to it being a short flight no drinks would be served, as we get to watch first class get everything."
Ưu: "Boarding was ok"
Khuyết điểm: "I was one of the last to broad the aircraft and found that my seat was given to another customer. I was asked by the flight attendant if I could seat all the way in the back by the restrooms. I was not happy with this at all but could live with it. Once we landed I waited on my bags at baggage claim. Found that my luggage had been damaged."

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Những ưu đãi gần đây cho chuyến bay một chiều

20/9Th. 3
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
57h 00mSGN-SDF
14.038.372 ₫
17/9Th. 7
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
42h 00mSGN-SDF
14.085.166 ₫
15/9Th. 5
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
42h 00mSGN-SDF
14.459.523 ₫
23/9Th. 6
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
60h 00mSGN-SDF
15.699.579 ₫
25/10Th. 3
2 điểm dừngUnited Airlines
33h 34mSGN-SDF
16.027.141 ₫
16/9Th. 6
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
39h 50mSGN-SDF
16.237.716 ₫
14/9Th. 4
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
39h 50mSGN-SDF
16.612.073 ₫
23/9Th. 6
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
27h 55mSGN-SDF
17.173.608 ₫
15/9Th. 5
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
36h 15mSGN-SDF
17.197.005 ₫
28/10Th. 6
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
27h 37mSGN-SDF
18.577.445 ₫
22/9Th. 5
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
39h 15mSGN-SDF
18.647.637 ₫
13/9Th. 3
2 điểm dừngUnited Airlines
33h 34mSGN-SDF
18.834.815 ₫
17/9Th. 7
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
27h 10mSGN-SDF
19.560.131 ₫
12/9Th. 2
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
32h 39mSGN-SDF
21.993.449 ₫
13/9Th. 3
3 điểm dừngAmerican Airlines
37h 21mSGN-SDF
22.461.394 ₫
25/10Th. 3
3 điểm dừngAmerican Airlines
37h 23mSGN-SDF
24.356.575 ₫
14/9Th. 4
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
32h 14mSGN-SDF
27.187.646 ₫
24/10Th. 2
2 điểm dừngDelta
29h 14mSGN-SDF
27.211.044 ₫
22/9Th. 5
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
32h 27mSGN-SDF
29.270.005 ₫

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Chuyến bay Hồ Chí Minh - Kentucky

Khởi hành:

Hồ Chí Minh (SGN)Việt Nam

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Kentucky - Hồ Chí Minh

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54.234.908 ₫

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54.234.908 ₫