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SGN — Virginia
29 Thg. 10 — 5 Thg. 111
Khứ hồi
1 người lớn
Phổ thông
Th. 7 29/10
Th. 7 5/11

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American AirlinesĐiểm tổng thể dựa trên 48755 đánh giá
7,5Lên máy bay
7,1Thư thái
7,9Phi hành đoàn
6,9Thư giãn, giải trí
6,7Thức ăn
Đánh giá hãng bay

I was able to move and get a whole row to myself and stretch out to sleep for this short flight

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I was able to move and get a whole row to myself and stretch out to sleep for this short flight

Flt was only 3/4 full ,., How bad could it be ?

No layover

Dirtiest plane I have ever been on.

No food or drinks were provided , the flight was turbulent and it was a long way from the normal terminals. You have to travel by shuttle to get to the F terminal and there is only one boarding point. Passengers need to know this when booking.

It was a short haul kinda bumpy. Not the airlines fault. But they suspended beverage services. But they were very pleasant

Delayed little by little, so there was no chance to sleep longer or go out to eat. Missed connection flight and did not offer allocation, had to request it and $12 for lunch dinner and breakfast. No transport to hotel provided so there is another $120 in uber to get there.

Ưu: "With all that is going on the flight was as good as it could be. Crew were professional. Short flight."
Ưu: "I got on my flight"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight delay could’ve been backed up with a reason why. Nothing was said until we asked."
Ưu: "Crew was nice"
Khuyết điểm: "Leaving airport on time would’ve been a pleasure"
Ưu: "Left on time or a tad bit early, arrived early."
Khuyết điểm: "When I checked in, it indicated a smaller plane. I thought I was going to be in a window seat, instead middle. I also wasn't able to carry on my bag, had to check, and then wait at baggage terminal."
Ưu: "The flight attendants were very friendly and the food was delicious"
Khuyết điểm: "more drink choices like ginger ale"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight attendant seemed tired."
Ưu: "JAL flight crew were the best"
Khuyết điểm: "all were good"
Ưu: "Скорость"
Khuyết điểm: "Сиденья хуйня"
Khuyết điểm: "The a/c wasn't working. Flight attendants acted annoyed by the people flying, no connectivity to gogo inflight."
Khuyết điểm: "On time is always better, otherwise it was a good flight."
Ưu: "the food was great, and they served dinner right away so passengers could get some sleep before arrival"
Khuyết điểm: "Last minute (after partial boarding) they had to switch planes due to a "maintenance issue" which I would think they would have caught earlier."
Ưu: "The flight attendants were very nice"
Khuyết điểm: "I had a training that I was leading in Indianapolis and in Charlotte we had no pilot so we waited which made us late Then finally a pilot showed up and the we boarded fast but then we all sat on the plane for another 30 minutes which made me super late for my training"
Ưu: "We arrived on time"
Khuyết điểm: "Didn’t do beverage service and had to sit on the tarmac for a while for a maintenance issue before take off"
Ưu: "People were friendly"
Khuyết điểm: "Broke arm off wheelchair"
Ưu: "Crew is helpful, seats comfortable"
Khuyết điểm: "If they don’t offer free food why not offfer snacks for money. Movies are quite old."
Ưu: "Overall the flight was great"
Khuyết điểm: "I didn’t like the restrictions on the fare and being reminded several time with negative emails from the carrier about the restrictions."
Ưu: "Nice crew"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was 55 minutes late leaving making me miss my connection home. Awesome."
Ưu: "Everything"
Ưu: "Nothing about the flight we screwed around before takeoff, in the air as well as on the ground. Wasted an hour and a half, missed my connection"
Khuyết điểm: "Everything."
Ưu: "On time, arrived early"
Khuyết điểm: "Although I understand turbulence is a common experience during a flight, I would have appreciated a bottle of water from crew after they suspended service."
Khuyết điểm: "As above"
Ưu: "They boarded quickly, left early, arrived 40 minutes ahead of schedule. The staff were very friendly and efficient."
Khuyết điểm: "Long time sitting in the plane without any updates from the crew. Very inefficient process in re-booking passengers and switching planes. Maintenance issues are are a trend at American Airlines."
Ưu: "The flight was on time."
Khuyết điểm: "Tired of less friendly, overweight domestic fight attendants (this is not the case on Asian Airlines (i.e. Korean, Japan)"
Ưu: "I was last getting on the plane and I didn’t want to check my carry-on and the flight attendant found a spot for me! Nice, quiet flight."
Khuyết điểm: "The drink cart skipped me! I was definitely awake too. When I got his attention I finally got my drink but I didn’t get a napkin or pretzels offered either. WiFi was iffy and never loaded for me."
Ưu: "I like that American Airlines did not charge for my carry-on. It was a short flight but we also received a snack and a drink for free. That was nice. I will definitely consider American airline before others when I plan my next trip."
Ưu: "Wonderful, again. Will fly American any chance I get!"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Ưu: "N/A"
Khuyết điểm: "The boarding staff were very unprofessional. Will not fly American out of Reagan again."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was very delayed"
Ưu: "Missed the flight. Money was not refunded."
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "A little bumpy"
Khuyết điểm: "Baggage took 1 hour after arrival1"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Ưu: "It's fine, you know what to expect."
Khuyết điểm: "No entertainment; no TVs, no music."
Ưu: "Everything was great"
Khuyết điểm: "Where to begin? The pilot suggested we would "probably miss our connecting flight" but not to worry because he would be "moving quickly" through the air. Missed my connecting flight. Ended up stuck in Charlotte with no more flights to Florida. And the airline left my bag in Charlotte. Disaster."
Khuyết điểm: "Old plane"
Ưu: "Closer to home"
Khuyết điểm: "Waste"
Ưu: "Nice plane. Great staff. 45 minutes of pleasure."
Ưu: "Overall, I liked the experience. Usually, I fly with southwest but I liked the price and comfort with American."
Khuyết điểm: "Deley for 30 minutes on take off 10 minutes on landing"

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Những ưu đãi gần đây cho chuyến bay khứ hồi

28/10Th. 6
2 điểm dừngAmerican Airlines
29h 48mSGN-ORF
4/11Th. 6
2 điểm dừngAmerican Airlines
46h 46mORF-SGN
27.343.935 ₫
23/11Th. 4
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
30h 36mSGN-ORF
4/1Th. 4
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
51h 36mORF-SGN
37.384.287 ₫
27/10Th. 5
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
31h 02mSGN-ORF
4/11Th. 6
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
30h 37mORF-SGN
41.965.345 ₫
22/11Th. 3
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
33h 12mSGN-ORF
4/1Th. 4
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
30h 01mORF-SGN
57.346.309 ₫
22/11Th. 3
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
32h 23mSGN-ORF
4/1Th. 4
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
71h 42mORF-SGN
99.810.112 ₫

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10/10Th. 2
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
48h 35mSGN-ORF
17.161.168 ₫
18/10Th. 3
3 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
39h 20mSGN-ORF
17.493.473 ₫
18/10Th. 3
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
34h 16mSGN-ORF
17.968.194 ₫
10/10Th. 2
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
34h 16mSGN-ORF
18.039.402 ₫
17/10Th. 2
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
31h 03mSGN-ORF
25.658.676 ₫
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
31h 03mSGN-ORF
28.317.114 ₫

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Chuyến bay Hồ Chí Minh - Virginia

Khởi hành:

Hồ Chí Minh (SGN)Việt Nam

Ưu đãi vé chiều về:

Virginia - Hồ Chí Minh

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28.886.780 ₫

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