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Tìm những chuyến bay giá rẻ đến Cozumel

Tìm những chuyến bay giá rẻ đến Cozumel

Tìm kiếm hàng trăm trang web du lịch cùng lúc để tìm những ưu đãi cho những chuyến bay đến Cozumel

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Những mẹo hay nhất để tìm vé giá rẻ tới Cozumel

  • Không có sân bay lớn ở Cozumel, thay vào đó nơi này được phục vụ bởi Sân bay Cancun.
  • Tìm vé máy bay giá rẻ tới Cozumel? 25% người dùng của chúng tôi tìm thấy vé bay đến Cozumel với giá nhỏ hơn hoặc bằng mức giá sau: Khứ hồi từ TP. Hồ Chí Minh với giá 37.104.792 ₫
  • Mùa cao điểm thường là Tháng Một, Tháng Hai và Tháng Mười hai. Tháng bạn có thể mua vé máy bay đến Cozumel rẻ nhất là Tháng Một.
  • Nhập sân bay khởi hành và ngày đi theo ý bạn vào biểu mẫu tìm kiếm phía trên để mở khóa những ưu đãi giá vé mới nhất tớiCozumel.

Câu hỏi thường gặp - đặt chuyến bay đến Cozumel

Làm thế nào để bay đến Cozumel?

Sân bay nào nằm gần Cozumel?

Sân bay Cancún cách trung tâm Cozumel bao xa?

Làm thế nào KAYAK tìm được những mức giá rẻ như thế cho những chuyến bay đến Cozumel?

Làm thế nào công cụ Dự báo giá chuyến bay của KAYAK giúp tôi chọn được thời điểm phù hợp để mua vé máy bay đến Cozumel ?

Thế nào là tuỳ chọn KAYAK Mix cho những chuyến bay đến Cozumel?

Thế nào là tính năng "ngày linh hoạt" của KAYAK và tại sao tôi cần quan tâm thời điểm tìm chuyến bay đến Cozumel?

Những hãng bay hàng đầu bay đến Cozumel

Điểm theo đánh giá của khách hàng KAYAK

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Đánh giá hãng bay

Ưu: "The flight was late checking in. The staff handled the situation well and kept the passengers informed."

Ưu: "I like the service. I like the way they checked my back stuff and put back very neat. I’m very happy with your company,"
Khuyết điểm: "No complaints, I would say....ANA the best,!"

Ưu: "Service was impeccable, as usual, from check-in to boarding. Crew was attentive and friendly."

Ưu: "Check in is a breeze, the staff even helped me to load my luggages to the counter. Boarding is prompt and orderly. The food is excellent , love the kabosu, there is snack available at the back in case you are still hungry. Entertainment is good choices, headphone is nice."
Khuyết điểm: "None so far, been travelling with ANA 8-10 times a year for more than 5 years"

Ưu: "Very comfortable flights. Exceptional crew on and off the planes. Great food and drink/snack options. Lots of entertainment options as well."
Khuyết điểm: "I have no complaints abouts my flights. Travel is tough at times but ANA made it seem easy."

Ưu: "Food and services were great"
Khuyết điểm: "Not a large selection to view on the TV"

Ưu: "I like the way the flight attendants treat the passengers. They are very courteous, friendly and wearing very sweet smiles.The airplane is very prompt when it comes to arrival and departure schedule. Thank you very much for providing me a wheelchair which made my travel more convenient."
Khuyết điểm: "So far there was nothing that I didn't like. The food was good and the airplane was clean."

Ưu: "The staff on ANA are super friendly. The legroom on their big planes--even in economy--was excellent."
Khuyết điểm: "The food was okay but not great."

Ưu: "On time. Nice 787 Dreamliner. Very comfortable flight."

Khuyết điểm: "Not enough space to put my luggages"

Ưu: "crew very helpful from check in to deplane..i would suggest when arranging seat for couples or mother abd child make sure its to gether at first check in not later at another airport which was fine they did in manila..but from chicago they cant do it have to wait in japan and almost not done"
Khuyết điểm: "the smell inside the airplane"

Khuyết điểm: "Chose to fly directly across Pacific through multiple thunderstorms instead of routing through Alaska and Canada. Half of the flight was 4/5 level turbulence."

Ưu: "Very helpful and accommodating flight attendants ... all with a smile!"

Ưu: "Courteous crew, delicious food and comfortable seats for economy. I was looking forward to the return flight!"

Ưu: "attendents were very friendly and very accommodating."

Ưu: "Crew are nice, helpful and polite"
Khuyết điểm: "Airport problems turned it into a very long flight. We circled around Fukuoka for and hour. We ended up landing in Nagasaki and used taxi to Fukuoka. Over all time to final destination is 6 hours late."

Ưu: "The crew is awesome and food is quite good"
Khuyết điểm: "Seat is terrible it's more like domestic flight than international, boarding is terrible because we have to take a bus by standing from terminal to flight"

Ưu: "Friendly flight attendants, clean toilets"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight attendant missed our breakfast and when reminded didn't even apologize. old aircraft"

Ưu: "Drink"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"

Ưu: "Everything"
Khuyết điểm: "N/a"

Ưu: "Courteous and friendly staff, clean aircraft and on-time schedule."
Khuyết điểm: "There was nothing I did not like."

Ưu: "The food was really good, service was great, and nothing to complain about"
Khuyết điểm: "I don't have any complaints"

Ưu: "Efficient and uneventful"

Ưu: "There was a delay"

Ưu: "Excellent service, friendly staff, smooth check-in and boarding. I love the simplified, smaller Boarding Pass that can actually fit into your passport and doesn't stick out as a sore thumb."
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing, really."

Ưu: "Almost everthiny good job keep it up, excellent !"

Khuyết điểm: "It was very warm on the plane."

Khuyết điểm: "Flight were shaking badly several times and I feel dizzy"

Ưu: "I fly around often, at least 10 times a year, and ANA has always had the best service, cleanest planes, and the best entertainment. I recommend flying with ANA anytime you travel."

Khuyết điểm: "The crew was very polite, the best that I have ever seen . I noticed this polite behavior in all Japanese service people in Japan too. Very gracious, It is in their culture. The only problem for me in such a long trip it was that the chairs couldn't move back for a more relaxed position, but overall it was very good ."

Ưu: "As always, the Japanese customer service is wonderful - I have no complaints in that department!"
Khuyết điểm: "The boarding process is pretty annoying....they do not board until minutes before the flight time and we still had to take a bus to the actual plane. We took off late (which, personally, at this point, I had just been on a 14 hour flight plus the 2 hours layover) - a delay just added to the exhaustion. Also, the plane was very old and very hot...even though it was only a one hour flight, it was very uncomfortable and outdated."

Ưu: "Crew is always awesome on ANA flights"

Ưu: "Great star wars vessel. Very attentive staffs and flight attendants."

Ưu: "I liked my aisle seat. The plane was clean. Crew professional. Temperature comfortable. Pillow, blankets, and headphones given."
Khuyết điểm: "No instructions on how to use the remote for the television."

Ưu: "The service is always top notch from the flight attendant, food is better than most airline and toilet is always clean. I could get a good seat with the leg room at my request."
Khuyết điểm: "Entertainment, the variety of film is quite limited but they have good Japanese movie."

Khuyết điểm: "Seats in the exit row did not recline, making them uncomfortable and hard to sleep in."

Ưu: "ANA has always done a fantastic job, mfrom customer service to the food to checking you in."
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"

Ưu: "The service was great, complimentary movie selection was fantastic."
Khuyết điểm: "I requested strict vegetarian meals in advance, was given items that violated this request. Further, the items which were in accordance with my dietary restrictions were generally not satisfying."

Ưu: "Food very good.. I like it. I will go again. I want to come back"

Ưu: "Movie Selection was awesome on the Vancouver-Narita trip. I thought I was gonna miss the my last leg of the trip to Okinawa on a codeshare with ANA. As the Vancouver leg arrived a bit late. But the ANA staff found me and told me I had a later flight because of a 20 minute delay! It was awesome service, they also gave me a ride directly to Haneda Airport as that was where the later flight was."

Khuyết điểm: "No personal screens, and the United flight crew seemed very impatient with me and others."

Ưu: "Polite, efficient service by the airline. Relatively roomy, good legroom, bathrooms relatively larger compared to other airlines."
Khuyết điểm: "Older plane, older video screen."

Ưu: "The service from beginning to end was outstanding. The use of the different lounges and the access to them was clear and options were great."
Khuyết điểm: "Plane was a bit older and the TV was not very good quality as a result."

Khuyết điểm: "The flight was so packed. The boarding process took forever! No room for even small carry-ons. And as a 5' 4" 125lb woman, I had problems fitting in the seats."

Ưu: "Very efficient at getting us boarded, serving food and drinks, and getting us off the plane. I greatly appreciated having small snacks available throughout the flight in the galley. The movies were great, but I am very far behind in watching movies and TV, so I had plenty to watch that I had not seen."

Ưu: "Modern plane. Comfortable seats"
Khuyết điểm: "Small tables and location of head phone jack poor. Cable is always in your food."

Khuyết điểm: "Limited flight entertainment options."

Ưu: "Short layover time at Narita. That's pretty much it."
Khuyết điểm: "13 hours with no personal entertainment system, mediocre and small food portions, no snacks being offered, rude/loud (for my "asian" expectations) attendants, outdated aircraft. I regret choosing this flight - NEVER AGAIN. I'll stick with true ANA flights, not operated by United."

Ưu: "Japanese boarding and departure was great."

Khuyết điểm: "Flight delayed 1h30, no food or beverage served!"

Ưu: "Crew was amazing."
Khuyết điểm: "Less bumps"

Ưu: "Crew didn't show up was horrible"
Khuyết điểm: "Schedule your employees beeter"

Khuyết điểm: "Our flight was cancelled on Sunday and they couldn’t get us out until the following Saturday. So we had to cancel our reservation and get refunded... except American says talk to royal jordanian, royal jordanian says talk to air booking. Air booking isn’t reimbursing us and want US to pay $400."

Khuyết điểm: "Could be more caring staff"

Khuyết điểm: "Panasonic Wi-Fi does not come close to the value GoGo provides."

Khuyết điểm: "1 hour delay boarding then another hour waiting for a Pilot!?"

Ưu: "On time"
Khuyết điểm: "Boarding system, come located entertainment o/b, non existan food/snacks"

Ưu: "Plane is clean. Well kept"
Khuyết điểm: "Wifi. It terrible"

Ưu: "Timeliness and friendly staff. Arrived before scheduled time..."

Khuyết điểm: "After getting us lined up for boarding we were told to wait due to maintenance."

Ưu: "Seat very small"

Khuyết điểm: "Lines are very long and the check-in staff are not good at their jobs. For example, I arrived 2 hours early and they ended up letting half the line cut in front, which made me barely make my flight."

Ưu: "Arrived early in CUN!"
Khuyết điểm: "Food selection"

Ưu: "quick flight"
Khuyết điểm: "seats are very cramped"

Ưu: "On time"
Khuyết điểm: "Nisy airplane and hard seats."

Khuyết điểm: "Very narrow seats"

Ưu: "Nothing"
Khuyết điểm: "Lost luggage for more than 18 hours. Poor costumer service by baggage assistance: Too many issues to even mention it. Arrived in Cancun w/o luggages and connection to Cuba with another airline and no luggages for 2 weeks."

Ưu: "Snow ruined flight. Crew was great."
Khuyết điểm: "No entertainment with this flight. Cookies good."

Khuyết điểm: "I didn't have enough time and had to rush to get to me connecting flight. It scared me that I might not make it to the terminal and gate in time. thanks!!"

Ưu: "Boarding was prompt, flight attendants polite and accommodating."
Khuyết điểm: "If I am in business class and platinum status, why can't I use the lounge - which is only available to Platinum status going to LA or SF, Latin America but not to Cancun. American Airlines needs to change this policy."

Ưu: "The crew and flight was great."

Ưu: "Boarding, staff, service, arrival all great"
Khuyết điểm: "No issues"

Ưu: "Everyone was very helpful."

Ưu: "Great attendants. Easy ride. Easy take off, easy landing."
Khuyết điểm: "We departed late due to something going on in the runway. No free wifi option."

Khuyết điểm: "I am million miler in Korean air. It's a seven star airlines"

Khuyết điểm: "Ground crew was inadequate and unorganized. Ground crew caused a late flight to be even later. Plane was overbooked and the ground crew was more interested in filling the flight than accommodating Advantage Member seating."

Ưu: "God service at the flight ."
Khuyết điểm: "Canceled my first flight of American airlines, I had to wait 11 more hours, I had no compensation and nobody even apologized to me."

Ưu: "appreciated having enough room for my knees not to hit the seat in front of me"

Ưu: "it was all very easy and good."

Ưu: "Del"
Khuyết điểm: "Delayed an hour. Don't think I've had a single American flight on time. No food or movies on international flight. No blankets or pillows."

Ưu: "Quickly boarding, crew was extremely polite"
Khuyết điểm: "No kosher food on board"

Ưu: "Top notch airline - staff is personable & comfortable seating"

Ưu: "Somewhat disappointing on the snack options..."

Khuyết điểm: "No entertainment. There wasn't even a drop down screen for a movie."

Ưu: "Check-in went fairly smoothly."
Khuyết điểm: "Crew (stewardess' were quite crabby)."

Ưu: "The crew, as always"
Khuyết điểm: "Being sectioned off from 1st class"

Ưu: "not beat up"
Khuyết điểm: "people trying to get extra carry on on"

Khuyết điểm: "The crew at the boarding were extremely unpleasant. The all process of the boarding was ridiculous. The crew was disorganized and it felt like they didn't know what to do with the passengers that came from a layover. The all experience was truly insulting, the crew laughed at as for misunderstanding what she said. I sincerely hope no one would go to the same experience we did."

Ưu: "On time departure and arrival. Flight attendants were efficient and pleasant."
Khuyết điểm: "No complaints!"

Ưu: "Getting off the plane."
Khuyết điểm: "The flight did not have enough immigration forms for all the guests. The wifi did not work. The seats were uncomfortable and small. The plane emitted a deafening high-pitched whistle for about 10 minutes at a certain altitude. The plane wreaked of nauseating jet fuel as we waiting on the Tarmac. The flight crew at the gate was rude and inattentive."

Ưu: "Although the flight was delayed, the crew kept a positive attitude and got us into another plane pretty promptly. They let us check in one of our bags for free to make up for the delay."
Khuyết điểm: "The flight was delayed."

Ưu: "Everyone was friendly."
Khuyết điểm: "The delay in Fresno Saturday June 4th, 2016. Computers were down which made it very slow to check in. I couldn't upgrade to first class."

Ưu: "Uneventful flight"
Khuyết điểm: "It was the same crew from my previous flight from San Juan to Miami. They were not nice before and they were not nice on the second flight. It was a long day for us too."

Khuyết điểm: "I was watching a movie and then realized everyone got the food. I asked a steward and he told me that he looked at me (!!!!) but I didn't. So he moved on...nice job"

Ưu: "Nothing. THis airline is the pits. Stay far far away."
Khuyết điểm: "Everything. Desk agents are rude and unhelpful, airlines break regularly, flights always delayed, baggage always lost, awful."

Khuyết điểm: "I have to run to the gate with"

Ưu: "Service good"
Khuyết điểm: "Late departure full plane"

Khuyết điểm: "Delayed for over 4 hours"

Ưu: "They were a friendly sort of clueless"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight delayed 90 minutes--just when we were supposed to be boarding. No notification was ever sent out. Then we sat for an additional two hours on the plane before disembarking and going to another plane. We arrived about 4 hours late. The flight crew tried to keep us informed about the maintenance delay, but they seemed surprised at every turn by the need to have an inspection, and inspector, and actually PASS inspection before being allowed to leave."

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