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24 Thg. 1 — 31 Thg. 11
Khứ hồi
1 người lớn
Phổ thông
Th. 2 24/1
Th. 2 31/1

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Tháng Mười hai

Chuyến bay rẻ nhất

88.257.920 ₫

Giá trung bình cho khứ hồi

16.259.050 ₫

Giá tốt cho khứ hồi

16.259.050 ₫

Giá tốt cho một chiều

16.989.820 ₫
Thời điểm tốt nhất để tránh đám đông với mức giá trung bình giảm 3%.
Thời gian bay phổ biến nhất với mức giá tăng trung bình 8%.
Chuyến bay từ Hồ Chí Minh tới Milan Linate
(giá trung bình cho 2 tuần qua)
trở xuống
trở xuống

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Những mẹo hay nhất để tìm được các chuyến bay giá rẻ đến Milan

  • Đang tìm giá vé bay rẻ đến Milan? 25% số người dùng của chúng tôi tìm được vé đến Milan ở mức giá sau trở xuống: Một chiều từ Hồ Chí Minh giá 16.989.820 ₫ - khứ hồi giá 16.624.434 ₫
  • Mùa cao điểm được cho là rơi vào tháng Tháng Một, Tháng Mười một và Tháng Mười hai. Tháng có giá vé rẻ nhất để bay đến Milan là Tháng Bảy.
  • Nhập sân bay khởi hành và ngày đi theo ý bạn vào biểu mẫu tìm kiếm bên trên để mở khoá những ưu đãi bay mới nhất đến Milan.

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Hãng bay hàng đầu bay đến Milan

Điểm theo đánh giá của khách hàng KAYAK
British AirwaysĐiểm tổng thể dựa trên 23205 đánh giá
7,5Lên máy bay
7,2Thư thái
7,9Phi hành đoàn
6,9Thư giãn, giải trí
6,8Thức ăn
Đánh giá hãng bay

Not much

Đọc thêm về British Airways

Not much

Ưu: "Crew members were very friendly and checked our bags for free."
Khuyết điểm: "Boarding and disembarking by row segments causes more delays and doesn’t do much to avoid contact with other people."
Khuyết điểm: "The pancake was not cooked enough couldn’t eat it"
Khuyết điểm: "Sorry the attitude to help people after a cancelled flight is sucks,"
Ưu: "Unlike my previous BA LHR-PHX flights, this one was in a 787. The humidity is much better in a 787. It makes a huge comfort difference in a 10-hour flight. As always on BA, the food was very good."
Khuyết điểm: "Seats were a a bit cramped. The flight crew seemed overworked."
Khuyết điểm: "No meals served, and no beverages, unless you are willing to pay inflated prices for garbage. They will give you tap water if you ask, and that's that. I still find this approach despicable and unnecessarily stingy, especially since this is BA, not a lowcost."
Khuyết điểm: "Stop losing my luggage and stop charging for food."
Ưu: "Friendly competent staff"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing in particular"
Khuyết điểm: "Seating is a big problem. I am only 192 cm tall and cannot really fit my legs into the space. Have them out in the corridor"
Ưu: "On time"
Khuyết điểm: "Better more comfortable seats"
Ưu: "New plane and good service"
Khuyết điểm: "Delayed 1.5 hours."
Ưu: "The plane was huge with lots of empty seats. This is better than my flight out, which was oversold (I was the person who didn't have a seat, until just before departure when someone else didn't show up). The seats appeared to be new."
Khuyết điểm: "The flight was delayed by an hour. No information was available about what gate the delayed flight would be departing from, which made it difficult to relax while waiting due to fears of missing the flight whenever it finally took off. The electronic flight list said to check the monitor at 6:38pm to find out what gate would be used (for a 5:30pm flight). I checked the monitor at 6:14 and it said the flight was boarding. This seems like a recipe for making people miss the flight. At the very least it made things stressful. No free food/beverages were provided (some is available at a cost). A family with a very tired baby was forced to wait in a huge long line rather than being pre-boarded. That just seems discourteous to me."
Ưu: "Seat and space in plane"
Khuyết điểm: "the old part of Nairobi In Airport... JKIA .....is appalling and the boarding procedure very tedious and uncomfortable Inflight entartainement is as old as the plane... built in the 80's"
Ưu: "boarded and landed on time. staff was nice."
Khuyết điểm: "i slept this whole ride so i don't have much to stay that was bad! Most of it just didn't apply to me!"
Ưu: "Very good"
Khuyết điểm: "same as above"
Ưu: "The cabin crew were very nice, pilot announcements clearly audible"
Khuyết điểm: "Check-in/bag drop area at Berlin TXL is poorly organized. Need an attendant to help with line management. No free snack on board — not even a peanut or a pretzel! Purchase only."
Ưu: "Very room seats."
Khuyết điểm: "They even charge for water."
Khuyết điểm: "There was no food or movie"
Ưu: "I managed to get onto an earlier flight than anticipated when my original flight to Milan was canceled. The flight went well and service was certainly completely acceptable. I don't recall many details more than two weeks later."
Khuyết điểm: "The exit row seat available on the rebooked flight was a middle seat, and I can't really complain since I did get the extra leg room I originally booked. I didn't like the length of time I had to wait at Heathrow, however, due to the canceled flight. It was several hours! My apartment rental landlord and I were both inconvenienced somewhat by the late evening arrival when an early afternoon arrival was initially scheduled."
Ưu: "Lucked out with a pretty empty flight. Food was actually good and there was ice cream which was quite a nice perk."
Ưu: "Got Home day later , slept on airport floor. Meal was poor , no more vegetarian food left . Wrap was given with chicken & maynosie where as Asian / Hindu veg meal was ordered ."
Khuyết điểm: "Same as above ."
Ưu: "I thought the staff were helpful and professional. I had enough legroom and there was room for my wedding dress to be hung, although it was slightly small."
Khuyết điểm: "There was a lot of turbulence but I know this is not the fault of the airline. Additionally, the in-flight entertainment was not working properly and this had to be reset on request. There were no wet towels/wipes to wipe our hands."
Khuyết điểm: "I paid for TWO EXTRA suitcases for my flight. I carefully packed and weighted them in advance. The "lady" on the counter made me remove one jacket and one pair of boots from each suitcase because it was GRAMS over the limit. Grams those that my hand scale did not accuse at all. The following customer right after me had KILOS OVER the limit (almost SEVEN) and were not flying business or first class, regular economic class just like me. And they did not had to remove a thing from their extra heavy suitcases. What is the company criteria? Anyway, I bought me another return flight on OTHER airline and simply lost my return flight on BA. I am never flying this horrible company again."
Khuyết điểm: "They knew that they were going to delay the flight so that they can add the next flight to the 6.45 pm flight. @ least we should have been notified or something."
Khuyết điểm: "The airplane was shaking all the flight"
Ưu: "There were no passengers in middle seats. I liked the M&S food for purchase, although they ran out of sandwiches by row 10."
Khuyết điểm: "I made the connection from T3 to T5; my bags didn’t, again, BA!"
Ưu: "I have physical limitations and required assistance stowing overhead luggage and help getting out of seat. Crew were terrific. Wheelchair assistance also great. Travels on my own."
Khuyết điểm: "Wifi Opportunity to purchase snacks More food/drink service More attention to picking up trash after services"
Khuyết điểm: "We waited 3 hours in the airplane before they would take off, first because they said there was a line for the taxi gate, then they said something was wrong with the airplane they needed to fix it. Shouldn't they do maintenance before they load a plane?"
Ưu: "It was a smooth landing."
Khuyết điểm: "Do difference between business and coach except no one in the middle. Same seats, same everything. Save your money."
Ưu: "Nice, smooth flight, no complaints."
Ưu: "Otherwise great flight"
Ưu: "Pre flight information, checking in online & self baggage drop."
Khuyết điểm: "Flight delayed, sat on runway for 30 mins with no explanation. Not very comfortable, cramped. Can't pay for refreshments with cash."
Ưu: "Chair rolm"
Khuyết điểm: "No fee food"
Khuyết điểm: "Our bags were lost. Only water was offered."
Ưu: "Replacement flight was fine"
Khuyết điểm: "Flight was cancelled and I was not automatically re-booked, luggage lost and not delivered despite repeated effort to reclaim it. Aer Lingus hold time on the phone was over an hour and attendants were unhelpful (said my flight wasn't cancelled in their system even though I received an email that it was - which ended up being true)"
Ưu: "Safe flight"
Khuyết điểm: "Very poor service. Did not offer drinks. When asked for drinks the crew said they are doing duty free and did not serve water or drinks."
Ưu: "Capt informative pertaining to delay"
Khuyết điểm: "Had to pay for drinks and food"
Ưu: "Everyone please read this carefully before flying with British Airways - we will be taking this further as customer service is appalling!"
Khuyết điểm: "British Airways overbooked the flight so we missed it and the next one due to system failure. We then were trapped in the airport (Heathrow) for the entire day. They 'allowed' us to leave the airport nine hours after we got there but unfortunately there were no trains, planes or buses going to Milan until midnight. After we searched for two hours to get to Milan we found one but had to spend nine hundred pounds to get a flight with another airline to get to my friends wedding. They lost our bags so we had to borrow clothes for the wedding from friends which was so embarrassing! We then continued our trip and they still have not returned our bags seven days into what was going to be the holiday of a lifetime. Not only have they ruined the trip for us both, they have cost us a bomb as we have had to buy clothes as we go."
Ưu: "I liked the variety of entertainment selections. The crew kept us hydrated."
Khuyết điểm: "Boarding process for coach from London to Dallas was chaotic. After all the various special groups were loaded in an orderly fashion the other 80% were called en masse which was disorderly. We had a lot of turbulence which the captain never addressed. I get he has to fly the plane but he could give folks a heads up on how long it was anticipated to last. It's scary at times and a word from the expert would be calming. Bathrooms ran out of toilet paper."
Ưu: "nothing to be noted"
Khuyết điểm: "late departure"
Khuyết điểm: "Due to US State Dept travel alert for US Citizen to Europe until Sept 1, I had to postpone the flight. Delta waived the $300 cancelation fee due to the terrorism alert to rebook two other ticket I had purchased. BA said they would but I can not receive confirmation of this until I rebook in the fall. Dr. David Miller Dmiller@Illinois.edu"
Ưu: "This was maybe a regional carrier, the flight was a bit more mundane compared to the wide-body crossing the Atlantic, however, there was nothing to really complain about. Boarding was a bit of a madhouse, but in the end not too eventful."
Khuyết điểm: "We booked a wheelchair transfer from the connecting flight, and BA refused to provide the service. My elderly mother in law with limited mobility was left alone and stranded at Heathrow and was only assisted by fellow passengers (NOT BA staff). Unbelievable."
Ưu: "Seats were a lil comfortable than the ones i have flown in before."
Khuyết điểm: "Switched to a different plane because of delays. Was issued a ticket without getting an alert that i required a visa for italy, was detained and had to spend a night in an italian airport cell and deported the following day (not a honeymoon experience i was looking forward to)."
Khuyết điểm: "we order kosher food for the flights, on the first flight we recive only for 1 pessanger so on the way back we call few days before to the airlines company to confirm that is kosher food for both passengers and they confirm and again we didnt recive only 1 passanger recive for flight over 20 hours way to be with out food"
Ưu: "Service"
Ưu: "All"
Khuyết điểm: "Nothing"
Ưu: "The flight was great."
Khuyết điểm: "London/Heathrow arrivals had us going to gate A and through all the security and then we found after going through the security check (1 hr) we saw that the gate for Flight to Venice was B gates. We are not young people, but we aren't ignorant of travel. There was a lot of running around on our part with a lot of undue stress, when we didn't have to leave the E gates at all. There were no gate assignments posted when we landed until 30 minutes out while we were running back to E gates. There is no excuse for that, except we didn't know til the last minute where we were supposed to go after asking 2 people. Why the second check for security after the states on connecting flights? Is this new?"
Thông tin về COVID-19

Những biện pháp an toàn cho những hãng bay có chuyến bay đến Milan

Những hãng bay có chuyến bay đến Milan đã thực hiện thêm những biện pháp an toàn và điều chỉnh các chính sách để thích ứng tốt hơn với du khách. Các chính sách khác nhau tuỳ vào hãng bay.

Tăng cường vệ sinh

Lau chùi hằng ngày, lắp đặt các màng lọc HEPA cho cabin trên những chuyến bay đến Milan

Khẩu trang bắt buộc

Cần đeo khẩu trang khi lên máy bay, khẩu trang được cung cấp cho các chuyến bay đến Milan

Xếp ghế ngồi giữ cự ly xã giao

Ghế ngồi ở giữa không đặt được cho những chuyến bay đến Milan

Xét nghiệm trước khi bay

Xét nghiệm kháng thể, xét nghiệm triệu chứng cho các chuyến bay đến Milan

Linh hoạt huỷ đặt

Miễn phí cho việc thay đổi vé. Tìm kiếm những chuyến bay linh hoạt đến Milan

Đặt vé máy bay giá rẻ đi Milan

Những ưu đãi gần đây cho chuyến bay khứ hồi

25/6Th. 7
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
21h 05mSGN-LIN
15/8Th. 2
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
19h 30mLIN-SGN
88.257.919 ₫
25/6Th. 7
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
28h 25mSGN-LIN
15/8Th. 2
2 điểm dừngNhiều hãng bay
25h 05mLIN-SGN
184.773.756 ₫

Tìm kiếm theo điểm dừng

Tìm kiếm theo giá

Những ưu đãi gần đây cho chuyến bay một chiều

25/3Th. 6
2 điểm dừngBritish Airways
24h 25mSGN-LIN
157.805.430 ₫

Tìm kiếm theo điểm dừng

Tìm kiếm theo hãng bay

Tìm kiếm theo giá

Những ưu đãi chuyến bay nội địa thời gian gần đây

2/2Th. 4
bay thẳngRyanair
2h 00mCTA-MXP
4/2Th. 6
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 55mMXP-CTA
271.493 ₫
17/2Th. 5
bay thẳngRyanair
2h 00mCTA-MXP
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 55mMXP-CTA
294.118 ₫
7/3Th. 2
bay thẳngRyanair
2h 00mCTA-MXP
8/3Th. 3
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 55mMXP-CTA
316.742 ₫
1/4Th. 6
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 30mNAP-MXP
4/4Th. 2
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 30mMXP-NAP
429.864 ₫
25/3Th. 6
bay thẳngRyanair
2h 00mCTA-MXP
28/3Th. 2
bay thẳngRyanair
1h 55mMXP-CTA
429.864 ₫

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Chuyến bay đến Milan

Ưu đãi vé chiều về:

Milan - Việt Nam

Tìm nơi xuất phát:

19.095.022 ₫
184.773.760 ₫

Tìm kiếm điểm đến:

28.959.276 ₫
19.095.022 ₫